Date: 3rd Mar 2016

How to create a great Article 4Sight and have it broadcast to thousands of 4N members.


Another benefit of Passport membership: Article 4Sights

Our Article 4Sight initiative gives every Passport member the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with thousands of 4Ners right across the network. Here's how you can get involved.

Meeting 4Sights are one of the most enduring and popular features at 4N meetings: “An insight, not sales pitch into a specialist field, experience or interesting area of your life”. You can now publish an Article 4Sight for everyone to access.

  • As with Meeting 4Sights,  Article 4Sights are only open to current Passport members. If you can see a SUBMIT ARTICLE button when logged into this page, then you can get involved.
  • Everything is submitted for approval to the Article 4Sights Editor, to ensure they ARE insights and that a variety of topics are covered. A decision will be given within 10 working days and the editor’s decision is final! The editor can help with formatting and polishing the finished post. 
  • Once your Article 4Sight has been accepted and published, 4N will promote it via the regular fortnightly emails sent to all members, see the email image at top of this page. These are sent every fortnight on a Thursday afternoon, as research suggests that people are more receptive to information/article based emails later in the working week. Your photo as the author, the title and enticing description are featured in the email, with a link to the full piece. We let you know if yours is to be featured in one of these 4N emails. You can also of course promote your Article 4Sight as much as possible, using its unique link.

How to create a good Article 4Sight 

For maximum impact, make best use of all the formatting tools we give you + most importantly, create something that people will want to read!

  • As with all the best Meeting 4Sights, your piece should be original, engaging, personal and thought-provoking. Keep your paragraphs short.
  • Create a punchy 'click-bait' title that will make people want to read more. Then make your 'Summary' count, with a concise, intriguing intro.
  • Then use the 'Sections' facility to create the blue headings and sections as in this piece. 
  • Choose carefully a featured image to promote it. You must upload an image to complete your article submission. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Avoid uploading ‘stock images’ as we cannot then guarantee that these have been legitimately sourced and the online publisher (ie 4Networking in this case) can be liable to large fines if stock image provider deems them to be unlicensed. Stamp your personality on the article by including an original photo. Use your phone to capture something original and appropriate to use! 
  • Choose a category for your article using the dropdown provided.
  • To prevent loads of unwieldy code being uploaded, we have limited the formatting that is available:
  • You can add links within an article just by typing www. text into the article, as this will be detected and turned into a link.
  • You can bold any text just by highlighting it and using CTRL and b.
  • You cannot add bullets to your article at the input stage. This will be done as part of the editing process and bullets will be added in where appropriate.
  • Remember, your author photo and contact info is taken from your 4Networking profile, so make sure this is up-to-date.
  • Once published, members can comment on your article and vote for it.
  • Our guideline is 400-600 words for articles. To visualise that, this article is just over 500 words.

We look forward to receiving your Article 4Sight submissions asap!

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