Date: 15th Jun 2016

Ways to make your phone last longer


Battery Deterioration

Sadly, the most common battery fault is the one that is unfixable. This is battery age. As your battery gets older it will deteriorate which is why you often find that by the end of your contracted two years, your battery barely survives half a day. Although this issue is unavoidable, it is manageable. There are many apps that can help monitor your battery life for you. These will let you know when you are using your battery excessively so you can change how you use your phone at the times you need to conserve battery life.

Some batteries visibly expand when they have reached the end of their lifespan. When this happens you need to change your battery as soon as possible. There is a high chance of expanded batteries exploding and damaging not just your phone but also yourself if the phone is in active use at the time. At that point, batteries can be very dangerous which is why you should always check for expansion if your battery life suddenly drops. For those that cannot see their batteries, if your screen starts to flex out of the casing then this is a sure sign that your battery is expanding internally. You must get this changed by a qualified technician ASAP.


If your phone gets hot it can lead to faster battery deterioration. No matter why your phone is overheating, you can find your battery will not respond well to the heat. Phones will generally get warm with slight overuse, through leaving applications running in full or having it constantly searching for services. Hopefully the only time your phone gets warm will be the initial set up when it is busy installing all its settings. Also, if you are taking information from a previous handset then it can get warm while having the communication channels open constantly. This is normal so don’t panic if your phone is warm after you have just set it up.

Your phone should not become too hot for you to hold or use with everyday usage. If this happens, then usually it means that there is a process running on the phone that hasn’t stopped. This is quickly remedied with a battery pull. For those who cannot remove the battery, you can switch the phone off and leave it for a few minutes to cool before restarting. This is just a quick fix and if the problem persists then you have to think about what could be causing this overheating. You can get apps from the various stores which can “kill” hidden processes so that if this does happen constantly, you can see what is causing it and end it before your phone gets too hot.

Extra Features That Drain Your Battery

It’s not only apps that drain your battery life. There are lots of features on modern day phones that can leech your battery without you realising. On most phones the following features can easily be turned off when not being used, all saving your battery, adjust them in your settings menu:

  • NFC, near-field communication: Most people don’t use NFC in their everyday lives so don't have this enabled all the time.
  • Location or GPS: Only use when you need satnav on your phone.
  • Bluetooth: Great to use, particularly linking things up in your car, but otherwise disable it. 
  • Wi-Fi: Very useful, but when you're not in range or using it, if switched on your phone is constantly searching for an available Wi-Fi source, so turn it off.
  • Sync, Screen Rotation, Always on Screen and more: When you get a new phone be sure to check which features you will be using and which should stay switched off.
  • Your screen: Most new smartphones offer HD displays of varying sizes, each manufacturer stating that theirs is the best. What they don’t mention is that the bigger the screen, the more battery needed to power it. Screen brightness also plays a huge part in battery life. If you are watching movies on your phone, it’s not the fact that it’s playing a video but more the fact that the screen is on constantly that drains your battery. The best remedy for this is simply to turn your screen brightness down.
  • Live Wallpapers: Best left switched off. This feature lets you have a moving background image on your phone which looks great, but is bad for battery life. 

So, remember, if you don't use it, don’t have it switched on. And then you've a chance of having battery life closer to the good old days of non-smartphones!

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