Date: 25th Jul 2016

If you're not sure about TBNS, here are 24 ways you might help your business by attending.


Should you go to TBNS?

As a member of 4N you may be wondering if you should go to The Business Networking Show (TBNS) on Friday 16th September 2016 at Wolverhampton Racecourse. Like everything we do, we first start by seeing how it fits with our goals and whether it makes sense. Think about who you want to meet, your business goals and your strategy to make your decision.

Working out your why? – 24 potential reasons

Here are 24 potential objectives that you might have for visiting the show and many of them also apply if you are exhibiting:


  1. Get orders
  2. Book future sales appointments
  3. Test new products and services to see what reaction they get – if you can carry them to the show!
  4. Open new markets or geographical areas by meeting people from different areas
  5. Test new pricing or offers
  6. Enhance your relationships with current customers
  7. Conduct market research
  8. Get contact names for your database for email marketing (of the right type of prospects you want in your sales funnel!)
  9. Get mobile numbers for permission based mobile marketing
  10. Get media coverage – possibly get on 4NTV for example
  11. Check out your competition!
  12. Promote yourself on the huge bumf table
  13. Conduct pre-planned sales meetings at the show: "let’s meet at…"
  14. Provide education or information to visitors including sampling of products
  15. Recruit new employees
  16. Purchase bargains at ‘show only’ prices from a shopping list of things you need, like printing, promotional items, business support
  17. Meet people you have only previously met or networked with ‘virtually’
  18. Renew relationships with your existing network of contacts
  19. Identify potential collaborators
  20. Look at what’s available and if any of it would be good to add to your products or services to enhance your offering – particularly useful for developing premium products
  21. Get inspired by the keynote speakers
  22. Learn useful information at the workshops
  23. Meet people who can introduce you to people you want to work with
  24. Learn what’s new in areas like marketing and technology

This is a pretty impressive list and I bet you can think of more reasons than this but I had to stop somewhere.

Decide on your focus and main goals

All the reasons above sound good don’t they, but even if all were possible at a single event, firstly you would die trying to achieve it all, secondly, you could never do them all justice, and thirdly, it gives you no focus. So once you have marked which could be reasons to attend, mark up the top five which are really important to you and which will really take your business forward.

When you are deciding whether to attend any event you need to think what you might want to achieve and then assess whether the event can actually do this for you. Ask people who have previously attended what worked for them and what they got out of it. Look at who the organisers are targeting to attend and exhibit. Look at what is on offer in terms of speakers and workshops which you might feel worthwhile or you feel will attract the right type of visitor/person you want to meet.

This is all much easier if you know who you are targeting and have a clear strategy on how you build relationships with people. So, for example, for us we decided that TBNS was likely to attract business owners and entrepreneurs who wanted to grow, so it would be a good fit for us. It would also allow us to meet people in 4N that we had only met online and to reconnect with others we hadn’t seen for a while. It also builds on our existing investment in 4N. So we look forward to seeing you at the show!

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