Date: 5th Apr 2018

Hi 4Networkers, I’m Jason, MD for 4Networking and I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on and what you can expect to see in April 2018.


 New 4N groups launching 

I am really excited to see so many new groups launching at the moment! These offer you a greater variety of networking opportunities, so make sure you have a look at what’s coming to your area. It’s a real team effort to get these started so your support at these meetings is appreciated and a huge Thank You to every team that makes these possible. If there is still not a group right for you, then why not speak to your Regional Leader about starting one?
I will be 4Sighting at the Dorchester Breakfast Launch on Friday 20 April and am looking forward to meeting members and visitors so book yourself in and let’s have a chat. See a full list of April 4N group launches here 

Flagship groups

Have you heard the phrase, ‘We’ve achieved Flagship Status’ or ‘We’re a Flagship Group’ and just nodded along? Well, a Flagship group is the term we use to highlight meetings that achieve a minimum of 22 attendees including two visitors. We believe this is the ideal mix for a buzzy, vibrant meeting giving the most value to our members and showing visitors what 4N is all about. Our teams work really hard to achieve this status so it’s great to shout about them.

Plus, when you've had a fab meeting don’t forget to upload photos to the 4N Facebook Community and nominate it as Meeting Of The Week, using #4NMOTW.

Network with 4N at business shows

4Networking attends and supports a large number of business shows across the UK throughout the year. Here's 4N in action at the highly successful South West Business Show in March.

In April you can find 4N at The Northern Business Show Exhibition in Manchester on 18 & 19 and if you’re going to this why not make a stop at the Ashton Under Lyne Breakfast on the way? We are also at The Midlands Expo in Birmingham on 24 April and have the Sutton Coldfield Breakfast that day too. Business shows are a great place to find new suppliers and to network so make sure you come along - and say hello to the team on the 4N stand.

Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn

You may have noticed our Facebook Community has just hit over 25,000 members! But make sure you also head over to the 4NetworkingHQ Facebook Page, in addition to the Community. We now have over 3,100 likes… We’d love to get this up to 3,500 by the end of April as this will really help with our reach and engagement, spreading the 4N love across the UK!

We have also launched our 4N LinkedIn group for our Passport Members, yet another benefit of Passport membership. This is all set to become your go-to space for mixing with other members and sharing your expertise. This is where I will be posting and commenting, so make sure you come and have a chat!

Got some good news or someone you’d like me to give a shout out to? Drop me an email to jason@4networking.biz and I will see you in the network soon!

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