Date: 9th Apr 2018

I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the development of the new 4N website.


We're nearly there!

As many of you appreciate, software development is a complicated beast and it’s been a real challenge pulling it together. I know the delayed launch date has been a source of frustration, but we are almost there and it’s looking awesome!

The 4N website is effectively 4 sites:

  1. The first part of the site is the marketing or ‘brochure’ part of the site. This is where visitors and people who have not heard of 4N find out about networking and how it can transform their business.
  2. The second part is the member area – this is where our members can find and book meetings, talk to other members, sell their products and services, find trusted suppliers and take advantage of a host of features all geared towards making their business easier.
  3. The third part is the team area which the local teams access in order to run successful meetings and provide the best possible networking experience for everyone. This is more complex and we need to have full confidence it will work from Day 1. We know your time is precious and our systems have to support your business needs without fail – we don’t want you booking into Manchester and being confirmed in Middlesex!
  4. The fourth part is one most of you will never see. It’s the backend admin part of the system that powers 4NHQ and this is the engine which runs the entire network so it has to be completely bug-free – a couple of misplaced decimal points and you’ll all be paying £365,000 for your memberships! Hmm, now there’s an idea ;)

Our website development partner The Site Doctor and my internal team are literally working flat out and have built all four parts of the site and we’re currently putting them through several stages of rigorous testing to ensure they perform correctly and you all have the smoothest user journeys possible.

We know that the site won’t be 100% perfect when we do launch… anyone who’s developed a new website knows from personal experience that there will still be things to fix and improve. We have to remember that we do have an existing website that works ok which is the result of over 10 years’ worth of additions and developments. We need to be sure that the new website is a forward step packed with new features for you to enjoy. If we launch before we’re ready, that won’t be the case.

I want you to know that everyone involved is working really, REALLY hard on the new site and we’ll launch it just as soon as we can. I know you all want a launch date (believe me Brad, Terry, Michael and our leadership team all want a date!) but I don’t want to commit to one until we’re ready. What I can tell you is next week we’re moving to the next testing phase where we open the site up to functional testing by our leadership team. The number and seriousness of the bugs found, fixed and checked will dictate when we’re going to be ready to launch the site to our members and the general public. It could be 4, 8 or even 12 weeks. Please be patient – it’ll be worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update – I’ve had so many positive messages about the new website development that I’m determined to make sure we not only meet but smash through your expectations and make you all proud.

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