Date: 22nd May 2018

Why would I want to be part of a 4N team? Does it actually benefit my business? What does it involve?


What 4N team roles are available and what does each one involve?

Every 4N meeting has a buzz to it and runs efficiently thanks to the efforts of that group's team. If you are interested in being part of a 4N group team then here is a summary of each of the team roles: 

Group Leader
The first formal level of leadership in 4Networking, Group Leaders support team members and facilitate our meetings. The GL’s primary role is to create energetic, buzzy meetings using the script and their own unique presenting style. GLs support the team by helping them execute their roles, and by communicating challenges back to the Area Leader. See GL full role description

Group Co-ordinator
The administrative backbone of 4Networking, the GC organises and welcomes our members, and helps the rest of the team to drive momentum between meetings. See GC full role description

Visitor Co-ordinator
The VC looks after our visitors before, during and after the meeting, and helps the rest of the team to drive momentum between meetings. See VC full role description

Marketing Co-ordinator
The MC drives visitor flow through marketing and social media activity and helps the rest of the team drive momentum between meetings. See MC full role description

Area Leader
The AL drives growth and promotes stability in their area by building great group teams, converting visitors to members, and creating new Passporting opportunities through strategic group launches. The AL advises the Regional Leader of challenges in the area and helps to resolve any issues. See AL full role description

Regional Leader
The RL coordinates all 4N activity within their region. A key part of this is appointing, supporting and developing Area Leaders. The RL liaises with the Board of Directors via the Network Leader to help formulate and execute plans and initiatives. Supports the membership by building great networking opportunities in the region.

So why would you want to take on a team role?

Well, there are many benefits - as a 'thank you' for taking on the role, 4N rewards you with additional membership days all the time you are in the role.  More importantly, a team role is a fantastic platform that gives you greatly increased exposure to everyone attending your group. Being seen as great at running a meeting or super-efficient at the organisation and admin at a meeting is a great advert for similar skills in your own business. But why take my word for it? Here are some testimonial comments from 4N team members about the value of some of the roles to them:

Group Leader

“Being a Group Leader was the best move I made in business. Yes – in business! The profile I’ve gained from being GL of one of the top performing groups in the UK has literally attracted people to my business. It’s given me a platform to show what I can do – but has also helped me to gain authority and visibility on a national scale. You can’t really buy that unless you have a huge advertising budget. Running a team has helped me to be one of the most recognised people in the network – something I work very hard at – but something that’s truly helped me grow my business.

As a GL, I’m visible for most the meeting. I can’t emphasise how powerful that is for a business. Being GL also gives me a sense of purpose and belonging, and I really do look forward to the day of my event. It’s a privilege.”

Todd, Spaghetti Agency
Group Leader, Leamington Spa

Group Co-ordinator

“Being a Group Co-ordinator allowed me to connect with so many great businesses, and most importantly the people behind them. There’s no better way to make new contacts, build rapport with those contacts and open the door to so many fantastic opportunities. All this and taking on the GC role at Spalding ‘Brilliant’ Evening also helped me grow in confidence and benefit from invaluable support from team members and fellow 4Ners. If you get the opportunity to take on a GC role, grab it!”

Asha Clearwater, Turquoise Tiger
Group Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire

Visitor Co-ordinator

“As a direct result of being a 4N member my profile as an artist has grown significantly and my personal sales have increased beyond my expectations. Being a Visitor Coordinator is proving to be a great way to further increase my profile to visitors. I am bringing four visitors to next week’s meeting where I will be able to sell the concept of 4N very well. Why? Because I believe in it. 4N for me really is ‘50% social and 50% business. And it works'"

Christopher Langley,
Visitor Coordinator
4N Newport, South Wales

So, if you're interested in a team role, talk to your local Area Leader about any current vacancies in groups near you. Or put yourself forward to start a new group!

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