2040 - IT'S 22 YEARS AWAY

2040 - IT'S 22 YEARS AWAY
Date: 25th May 2018

Haven't you heard? The car industry will end in 2040!

2040 - IT'S 22 YEARS AWAY


If you watch the news or are interested in cars and vans, you’ve probably seen, read or heard reports about the virtual end of the automotive industry which is set to happen in 2040 as the technologies that propel most of today’s cars will be banned. The Toyota Prius plug in hybrid, which is at the vanguard of progress, is an example of one model that will be no longer on sale as it can’t manage 50 miles on pure electric power.

This is nothing less than scaremongering and it’s hard to believe that serious journalists are going along with it.

Why not?

2040 is twenty two years away. Do we really think that today’s cars and vans will still be on sale in 2039 and then be withdrawn due to a single piece of legislation? No, today’s vehicles won’t be around in ten years’ time, never mind twenty two.

Look at cars that were on sale new twenty two years ago. A couple of years after that I bought a 1996 Honda Civic Coupe with full bodykit and spoiler. Although I’ve had more expensive and capable cars since, I don’t think I’ve ever been as attached to a car as that one. It wasn’t fast but the high revving VTEC engine made you feel it was and (I thought) it looked amazing (see photo - I know it has dated but it really was a head turner, honest!). But it was Euro 1 rated in terms of emissions (we are now on Euro 6) and much more polluting than anything we have today. That car simply could not be sold new today. In fact by 1997, one year later, it was outlawed from being sold new due to more stringent emissions limits and made obsolete by progressive technological improvements by manufacturers. (It’s replacement didn’t look half as good though!).

What will really happen?

The next few years, for car and tech fans, are going to be exciting as we see more pure electric and hybrids on the road. Ignore the prophets of doom who have researched properly and enjoy the ride!

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