Date: 31st May 2018

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on in the network and what you can expect to see in June 2018.


Busy, busy, busy!

Did you come to The Business Show at ExCeL in May? It was great to see some of our members delivering their incredible 4Sights on our busy stand and we gained lots of new contacts to follow up on, with visitors booked directly into meetings already and new sign ups too! Here are some pictures of the 4N stand in action:

There are even more shows coming up in June and July, so have a look at my forum post to see what’s in your area.

BIG meetings

I’m hitting the road and 4Sighting at our first ever BIG EVENING in Norwich on 4th June (this meeting is now full!) followed by the BIG BREAKFAST in Bury St Edmunds on the 5th June, talking about my martial arts journey and some of the life and business lessons my training has taught me. I always say the more the merrier so please come along and say ‘hi’ if you can - there are still a few spaces available for the Big Breakfast.

Then on Friday 8th June we have the MASSIVE LUNCH in Manchester where our resident cowboy, Todd from Spaghetti Agency, will be 4Sighting about decision making. All of these are set to be awesome with loads of members and visitors booked in so make sure you take advantage of these and bring a friend, it could earn you up to 30 free days!

Launch season!

June sparks off launch season for 4Networking with every region aiming to launch a new meeting between June and July this year! It’s very likely that there will be another meeting available in your area to passport to, so keep yourself updated with these launches as they come up by following our Facebook Page, and having a look at the events. Alternatively, have a look at my forum post to see all the launches of new 4N groups coming up in June and July. A new group means a new opportunity for you to meet other members and do business and the teams work really hard to get these set up, so show your support and get booked in. 

We are also excited to see our first Saturday Breakfast Launch in Shrewsbury! Breakfast meeting on a Saturday you say? Well there are already a ton of bookings in so it’s looking like it’s going to be a success and it doesn’t run until the end of June!

Be a star on 4NTV

19 June is our next 4NTV Recording day at 4NHQ Taunton and we have some really great 4Sighters booked in to be recorded but there are still a few spaces left. We push these videos throughout the network via social media and email channels, and you get a copy to show off your expertise as well so it’s a win-win! Make sure you grab your slot and I might well see you there 😉 To find out more about the criteria and to sign up, click on this banner:

Make sure you are getting involved with us on Social Media, we are everywhere! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as joining our massive Facebook Community and our exclusive Passport Members Only LinkedIn Group (which now has nearly 600 members) so no excuses not to get involved!

Got some good news or someone you’d like me to give a shout out to? Drop me an email jason@4networking.biz and I will see you in the network soon!

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