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Martyn Sloman
Gold Dust Training

4N membership number: 102730

Location: Weston-super-Mare


Louise Monblat
THE Discount Club
Lyme Regis
Left QuoteMartyn did a superb 4sight at our Lyme Regis group recently; talking about the gift of encouragement. Martyn was entertaining, informative and illustrated beautifully the importance of encouragement (especially in marriage!) as well as persistence - both in business and in life. Thanks Martyn!Right Quote
John Holden
Utility Warehouse
Left QuoteMartyn's ability to help you focus and understand where you need to be in life and business are exceptional, Martyn's enthusiasm, ability & passion to help other always shine through. His 4Sight in Exeter recently delivered a brilliant insight to his skills. Look no further for your coach Well doneRight Quote
Liza Rubery
Smart Solutions Acco...
Left QuoteI was lucky enough to attend Martyn’s workshop, 2 hours of packed content flew by, Martyn is an engaging speaker, which makes learning easier, and more fun. Being a newbie to sales I found that the content was exactly what I needed to get out there and start selling. Great seminar!Right Quote
Robert Leat
Robert Leat Fitness
Left QuoteI recently attended one of Martyn's workshops. Martyn is very knowledgeable when it comes to sales! He was able to help me come up with solutions to the sales problems I am facing in my business, in particular objection handling and positioning the close. I definitely feel more confident selling!Right Quote
Martyn Lax
Left QuoteI attended one of Martyn's presentations and he knows all about selling and most importantly and to train people how to do it. If you want to know how, speak to Martyn and your sales confidence will grow. Yes or Yes.Right Quote
Paul Gough
Gough Mortgage & Pro...
Left QuoteIn one hour Martyn helped me transform my thinking. Often we already know the answers, but it takes someone on the outside like Martyn to probe, allowing us to see the answers that already lie within. I can’t put in words how helpful Martyn was. Very highly recommended.Right Quote
Barry Tinton
Aeium Limited
Left QuoteI had a sales dilemma earlier this month and I discussed it with Martyn after a meeting. His comments helped me create a strategy for dealing with the situation. The result has been a successful contract win for me and, more importantly, as of this morning 2 further orders! Thanks Martyn.Right Quote
Richard Banfield
Ideal Accountancy Se...
Left QuoteI don’t consider myself a natural salesman but Martyn has given me some practical, easy to implement, tips to improve how I engage with potential new clients and business opportunities. I’ve already seen excellent results and will no doubt be picking his brains again in the futurRight Quote
Dawn Davis
Apples & Oranges
Left QuoteMartyn is a very inspiring person, just talk to him, he can genuinely help you! He is the 'YES' man and he really can help you get more sales - truth! Have a conversation with Martyn and see how he can help!Right Quote
Juliet Platt
Case Study Writer - ...
Left QuoteAfter meeting Martyn at Cirencester 4N I felt confident to approach him with a sales conundrum. He was brilliant in his advice - and gave me a super simple tip for getting past gatekeepers. Martyn takes care to understand the issue, break it down into logical steps and is generous with his advice.Right Quote
Kirsty Grimes
We Love Our Locals
Left QuoteMartyn has presented at 2 of the FSB seminars I organised and he is simply great! FAB presenter, makes it more personal and reacts to peoples' requirements rather than expecting people to mould to his plans. He runs a taxi service for me which is much appreciated! :) Awesome RL too, multi-flagship!Right Quote
vikki coe
Travel Counsellors
Left QuoteMartyn spent an hour with me going over a presentation I had to do with just a few days notice. He helped me focus on what I was trying to say and cut out all the stuff that wasn't needed. Thanks Martyn...here's to the next one!Right Quote
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