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Chris Clarke
tHe GaMeCHnaGeR

4N membership number: 109095

07739 184942
Location: Burnley


Delyth Evans
Left QuoteI'm not sure I'd have enough words to describe Chris. I've worked with him for the last few months and he's had a massive impact on me and ultimately the way I view the world. He's intelligent, witty and challenging and is the best coach I could have ever hoped for. He's a genius.Right Quote
Jim Leaver
Resolute HR
Left QuoteGreat Lunch meeting today (31.10.2017) at Chorley and Chris's 4Sight was brilliant. Jenga never seemed so intense. Well done Chris - keep changing the game!Right Quote
Anneliese Mckay
The Copy Coach
Left QuoteIf you are not getting enough clients, or your money situation is up and down like a rollercoaster, and you see other successful people and want the same thing, the only difference is your mind. You have to start with your mindset. Go see Gamechanger for your best business months ever. Thankyou xRight Quote
Shelagh Brownlow
Brownlows Accountants
Left QuoteIf you are looking for a witty, sharp and inciteful 4Siter Chris is definitely the person you want. He 'gets' people and what is holding them back in their business. Chris has so much to share and he does it in such a fun way that you are bound to learn from himRight Quote
Janine Mitchell
Change for Success
Left QuoteI was fortunate to see Chris deliver his 4Sight for 4NTV. His 4sight is amazing. He combines humour, charisma, charm and a wealth of knowledge to the understandings of the human mind. If you haven't seen Chris 4sight, its a must! One of the best I've seen in my 2.5 years with 4N. Thanks Chris!! XRight Quote
Anneliese Mckay
The Copy Coach
Left QuoteI have had Chris as a coach for over a year now. If you have money and business beliefs going round in your head and you want to be successful without the struggle then go see him to help you change because it ALWAYS starts with the head to see the best results in life. Thank you xxxxRight Quote
Ashley Wright
Media Dino
Left QuoteFollowing Chris' 4sight, I felt obliged to write this... Chris is such a positive energy at the Burnley 4N meet and an inspiration. Chris left so much of an impression on me, that I have booked a meeting with him next week. If you haven't already, connect with Chris - even if just for his metaphors!Right Quote
Left QuoteI enjoyed the presentation Chris did. It is a unique way of seeking to engage with an audience - humorous, even a little theatrical, but at the same time serious about his subject.Right Quote
Mike Gregory
Jigsaw Advertising
Left QuoteThe Game Changer is exactly what he says he is! Chris helps YOU realise how important you are in your own business. He makes the most confusing and frustrating situations become simple and positive! What a great 4sight today at Preston. Thankyou again Chris . Your awesome!Right Quote
Kevin Mahy
House of Sunshine
Left QuoteChris the Game Changer can help you see what is in front you but either aren't ready to admit or are too busy looking the other way. His fun, sensitive and genuine nature make him easy to get along with. He leaves you feeling energised & empowered about yourself and your business.Right Quote
Anneliese Mckay
The Copy Coach
Left QuoteIf you are feeling stuck and confused and smashing your head against a brick wall because nothing is moving in life or business, then reach out to Chris for a breakthrough session. He breaks through all your fears, limiting belief and self doubt. My life changed since I had the breakthrough sessionRight Quote
Sharon Froggatt
Burnley Football Club
Left QuoteBrilliant Foresight, truly thought provoking and delivered with passion and humour as only Chris can. Thank youRight Quote
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