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Chris Clarke
tHe GaMeCHnaGeR

4N membership number: 109095

07739 184942
Location: Burnley


Alexandra Meadowcroft
Chameleon Financial ...
Left QuoteAn excellent 4Sight from Chris today - witty, thought provoking, energetic and fun and left me wanting to know more. Chris brings an amazing energy to Chorley 4N every meet...the game changer certainly lives up to his name!Right Quote
Marion Parrish
Marion Parrish HR Co...
Left QuoteChris was the final speaker of the day, on one of the hottest days of the year, at July's Accelerate. Not an easy gig - but he lit up the room. He was thoughtful, provocative, passionate and insightful - and very, very funny. Fabulous!Right Quote
Dave Skinner
The Discount Club
Left QuoteThis guy is a natural. He is forthright, knowledgeable and will tell you how it is with no pulling of punches. He tempers that with an outrageous humour that on the occasions I have heard him speak brings the house down around you. He is passionate in what he does and this comes through in spades.Right Quote
Anna Foxx Neal
4Networking LTD
Left QuoteSome people say the truth hurts, but when it's delivered with such energy and style it's a little less painful to hear. Straight talking and memorable, the whole room was buzzing after hearing Chris speak. Definitely the best party in town!Right Quote
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency
Left QuoteHe stole the show! I've been to EVERY Accelerate conference since their conception and I've seen some amazing speakers but on in January 2018 I saw Chris Clarke. The last speaker of the day and some serious talent to follow... but he nailed it. 'It takes a gay man to talk straight!' Brilliant work!Right Quote
Nick Elston
Nick Elston
Left QuoteI had the good fortune & genuine pleasure of witnessing an energetic, powerful & inspiring talk by Chris at the recent 4N Area Leader Conference. His energy, raw & authentic approach & great humour - really lifted the audience. Packed with great content too - Chris is a top Speaker & also hilarious!Right Quote
Delyth Parsons
Left QuoteI'm not sure I'd have enough words to describe Chris. I've worked with him for the last few months and he's had a massive impact on me and ultimately the way I view the world. He's intelligent, witty and challenging and is the best coach I could have ever hoped for. He's a genius.Right Quote
Jim Leaver
Resolute HR
Left QuoteGreat Lunch meeting today (31.10.2017) at Chorley and Chris's 4Sight was brilliant. Jenga never seemed so intense. Well done Chris - keep changing the game!Right Quote
Anneliese Mckay
Crazy With Fatigue
Left QuoteIf you are not getting enough clients, or your money situation is up and down like a rollercoaster, and you see other successful people and want the same thing, the only difference is your mind. You have to start with your mindset. Go see Gamechanger for your best business months ever. Thankyou xRight Quote
Shelagh Brownlow
Brownlows Accountants
Left QuoteIf you are looking for a witty, sharp and inciteful 4Siter Chris is definitely the person you want. He 'gets' people and what is holding them back in their business. Chris has so much to share and he does it in such a fun way that you are bound to learn from himRight Quote
Janine Mitchell
Change for Success
Left QuoteI was fortunate to see Chris deliver his 4Sight for 4NTV. His 4sight is amazing. He combines humour, charisma, charm and a wealth of knowledge to the understandings of the human mind. If you haven't seen Chris 4sight, its a must! One of the best I've seen in my 2.5 years with 4N. Thanks Chris!! XRight Quote
Anneliese Mckay
Crazy With Fatigue
Left QuoteI have had Chris as a coach for over a year now. If you have money and business beliefs going round in your head and you want to be successful without the struggle then go see him to help you change because it ALWAYS starts with the head to see the best results in life. Thank you xxxxRight Quote
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