Testimonials from Members

James Chisholm
Meschi Consultants

4N membership number: 117506

07443 484958
Location: Wirral


Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteI have know James for almost 2 years, James has always been supportive both personally and in my business. James is professional, conscientious, interested in you and your business and takes real care and pride in everything he does. The is nothing James will do without 100% commitment. Recommended!Right Quote
Janine Mitchell
Change for Success
Left QuoteI cannot recommend Jame highly enough. I didn't know I needed him till I heard how awesome he was from others, then we began working together. James is an accountant with a difference. He goes above and beyond. He has managed my company finances in the most amazing way like no other. Thank you!Right Quote
Rachael Chiverton
Rachael Chiverton Ltd
Left QuoteI just wanted to say thank you to James for his 4Sight at Stockport last Friday. I am still receiving feedback from my members along the lines of Great 4 Sight by him by the way, very honest. So thank you so much James, this I've heard often.Right Quote
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency
Left QuoteJames carries bags like no other. I wouldn't have anyone else in 4N carry my bags. James is the best bag carrier I've ever had. ... also great at Area Leading, social organising and adding stuff up. James for president.Right Quote
Jen Hinds
Always Oarsome
Left QuoteJames is AWESOME! Simples! He is a spectacular Area Leader for 4N, supporting 6 teams and growing 6 groups on top of running his own business. If he can do this for 4N, imagine what he can do for your business. It's an absolute pleasure working with him and I would recommend him 1000%!Right Quote
Jo Howarth
The Happiness Club
Left QuoteI started working with James 4 months ago when he took on the Financial Director role within my business. To be honest I didn't realise I needed someone in that role until he started doing it. With his involvement, advice and support I have already increased my income by 30%. He is a freaking geniusRight Quote
Mark Mitchell
Mind Your Office
Left QuoteOur Areal Leader James Chisholm deserves a medal. He not only manages 6 groups but also manages to run a successful Business, and if he is half as good at his job as he is at 4N then I would have this guy working for me full time. Keep up the good work James.Right Quote