Testimonials from Members

Amanda Cates
MAgenda Consulting Ltd

4N membership number: 128968

Location: St Neots

Ann Wootton
IVY work life balanc...
Left QuoteI have been working with Amanda as part of the 4N team at St Neots. A fantastic team member & organiser that comes from her brilliant mind mapping. It's a pleasure working with you Amanda!Right Quote
John Weltz
WPA Private Healthcare
Left QuoteI have worked with Amanda on a number of occasions now. Amanda is so brainy, so organised and hugely committed to providing solutions to complex problems for either a single person or a team. The circuit design, wiring and power for your light bulb moments. Thanks for all your help!Right Quote
Qué rico! Tapas
Left QuoteI highly recommend Magenda Consulting if you need assistance in the process of any personal or professional change or new developments. Amanda Cates helped me organise the ideas that I have, and develop a new project for my catering company, so I now have a map of my steps, dates and tasks - great!Right Quote