Testimonials from Members

Terry Cooper

4N membership number: 12962

0345 123 4444
Location: Clevedon


Adam Naisbitt
DigitallyEngaged Ltd
Milton Keynes
Left QuoteFollowing a training session Terry gave in Milton Keynes it's clear that not only is he a very skilled and knowledgable salesman, but he's also passionate about sharing that knowledge and helping others to succeed. If you get chance to hear Terry speak I'd recommend it- you may just learn something!Right Quote
Dickie Armour
Armour Marketing Ltd
Left QuoteTerry's knowledge of sales is excellent and his 4Sights on the subject is brilliant. Terry thank you for all your help and support and Happy 6th Birthday for 4N!! You've done an amazing job developing the business nationally & internationally!Right Quote
Gill Tuxworth
Gill Tuxworth Ltd
Market Rasen
Left QuoteI met Terry at the 4N conference in Peterborough ans he inspired me to want to reach my full potential both in business and on a personal level . 4N rocks!Right Quote
Mel Downing
Natural Solutions
Left QuoteBig thank you to Terry for helping me get the hang of how to close a sale - such a scary thing but he's made it a really easy thing to do now I know how to say it in my style. So good to benefit from such wisdom and generous spiritedness. Thank you.Right Quote
Mathew Butler
Business Video Experts
Left QuoteThanks for the 10 minute chat Terry and for the compliments on our website. It means a lot coming from a 4N Director. He gave me invaluable advice to help get my first business off the ground. Really appreciate the help.Right Quote
Roy Taylor
100% Success Limited
Newcastle upon Tyne
Left QuoteWhat a really helpful guy. Not only did he phone me to give me some free marketing advice, he also kindly offered to get me a new Wild Roo (it's an Australian hat in case you didn't know) whilst opening up Australia to the Greatest Networking organisation in the World. A real gentleman.Right Quote
Sam Swinstead
Left QuoteThanks Terry for the great & really simple piece of advice that I can implement immediately in my business - the time I am going to save by changing our approach to giving written quotes will be invaulable.Right Quote
Tracey Allen
Rattytatty Designs (...
Left Quote10 minute phone call with Terry and I know where my business or more to the point I have been going wrong. Brilliant thanksRight Quote
Tim Johnson
FinanceDr Ltd
Left QuoteA seasoned professional. This man knows his stuff and has the stunning ability to make it happen, not only by leading by example but by genuinely empowering others to do the same. A true 4Networking legend who demonstrates his value before negotiating the right deal for it.Right Quote
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat
Left QuoteTerry has been a fantastic support and mentor to me, helping me play to my strengths and helping me with the bits I need to improve upon. A proper Oxfordshire boy and ALWAYS welcome at Hackett's for breakfast.Right Quote
Brad Burton
Left QuoteWhat a salesman! Terry really is passionate about sales.. as he'll be the first to tell you. 4N - 1st visit - then group leader - area leader - regional leader - Development Director all in the space of 1 year. In this life there are talkers and doers.. Terry is both, if your company needs...Right Quote