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Brad Burton

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0345 123 4444
Location: Taunton


Martyn Sloman
Gold Dust Training
Left QuoteI was an Anti-Networker. Then...it all changed when I picked up a copy of GOYA. Found my way to 4N. Brad soon named me the YES!man. It works! He's stood in my corner on several occasions. Sometimes given me tough feedback. But fair! Always felt lucky to count this man as a friend. Thank you Brad.Right Quote
Croz Crossley
Staines upon Thames
Left QuoteI have been around the self development industry for over 20 years, and I have met many people who talk the talk, it is so refreshing to find someone who has and is still walking the walk. Reading gives you knowledge and doing creates wisdom. Brad is the real deal.Right Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteI met Brad pretty much as soon as I joined 4N, I love his 'no bullshit' approach and the fact that he tells you in no uncertain terms how it is! It is so refreshing and something we don't always get in life or business, but really Brad does tells you what you need to hear! Thank you so much!Right Quote
Andrea Basilio
Certified LOA Facili...
Left QuoteThank you for your help, advice and support. Truly the BradSTAR, a unique breed who specialises in arse kicking! Thank you for giving me a chance, brining opportunities to my life and showing me different avenues I can take. Lots of Love.Right Quote
Adam Stevens
Intelligent Eating
Left QuoteHelpful. Knows people beyond this network.Right Quote
Petrina Baldwin
West Malling
Left QuoteBrad Burton - how long have you got or how many characters allowed? Inspiring genius of the 4th kind.Right Quote
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency
Left QuoteBrad's books gave me the bollocks to quit my job... my 'real' job. I'm eternally grateful for knowing exactly where I am now I run my own business... in his words - Fucking broke! Brad - I owe you! xRight Quote
Dawn Davis
Apples & Oranges
Left QuoteInteresting that there hasn't been a testimonial for Brad for 14 months! I've known Brad since 2006 and he's been a rock to me and my business (in fact, I wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for Brad!). He's an inspirational character, love him/hate him, but you do have to accept that!Right Quote
Martin Gaunt
The Computer Technic...
Left QuoteWell Brad, has helped me over the years, and my business and I are better for it, thanking you. Now will he see or read this 104 Testimonial.Right Quote
Susi Allenby-Ashman
Left QuoteCrack King just makes me laugh I wish he could bottle it Id buy Hubby some BradBurton and spray him with it Gymmistress.com perfume coming soon GMxRight Quote
Elizabeth Nolan
Sacker and Partners ...
Left QuoteBrad is straight talking, supportive and dedicated to helping anyone who is trying to do something different with their business. A great man to have on your team.Right Quote
Kevin Arrow
Sark E Media
Left QuoteI have alot of respect for brad, been a massive support to me and i love the fact we can disagree and still be mates. brads business and the way he runs it is an inspiration, he leads from the front and has an integrity in business that i dont often see. Great guy, great business, great tatsRight Quote
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