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Brad Burton

0845 123 4444
Location: Taunton


Tim Johnson
FinanceDr Ltd
Left QuoteThis is guy whose speed and passion is legendary for good reason, and to quote the man himself:- 'he's not as thick as he looks.' 4 years working with Brad has been an insiration. Thank you xxRight Quote
Barry Mellor
Barry Mellor Photogr...
Left QuoteAlright Brad Great speech at Business North West on thursday, no b******t, loved it. Look forward to working with you and meeting people through your networking events. Cheers - BarryRight Quote
Lynda Buntin
WPA Healthcare
Left QuoteIt was a pleasure to have some time after the successful Daventry 4N last week, not only am I very grateful for the pointers and encouragement you gave me, but to hear how pleased you are with what WPA do on your private medical cover is the best testimonial we could wish for. You are remarkable, t...Right Quote
Tom Lawrence
Regional Leader and ...
Left QuoteA good friend, an inspiration and an all round good egg. Thanks for all your helpRight Quote
Dan Humphries
Dan Humphries
Left QuoteAs crazy as a pack of KP's but as inspiring as an inspiring thing that's inspiring! Great meeting you for the first time Brad, hope we meet again soon. Dan Humphries - Scene GroupRight Quote
Ian Hudson
Copyzone Archiving Ltd
Bishops Stortford
Left QuoteBluff exterior hides a very caring guy. Sometimes 'shoots from the hip' but is totally committed to making 4N the UK's largest joined-up business network.Right Quote
Shaun Pearce
Ystrad Mynach
Left QuoteI've not had the pleasure of meeting Brad however I'm very happy to have had various ocnversation with him. He has taken the time to help out a good friend of mine and she now is in a new state of mind and looks at her current prediciment as a challenge rather than a brick wall!Right Quote
1 1
Left QuoteOne of the most generous, humorous and straight talking people that it has been my pleasure to meet. Thank you Brad for all your help and advice. This man defines the word friend.Right Quote
Gary Gorman
Left QuoteBrad continues to be an inspiration. Someone should bottle his energy, passion and vision..they'd make a fortune. Brad is great to be around..but don't expect to get too many words into the conversation... and his willingness to help me and others has been fantastic.Right Quote
Richard Finney
My Community on Vide...
Left QuoteBrad is Top Shelve. He put me on to Abundant Solutions, who are Magic, Abundant Solution Fantastic. Thanks Buddy, I now follow your lead and send others to Daryl and Paula @ Abundant Solutions. I support and market 4Networking on my community website to the benefit hopefully of the membersh...Right Quote
Nick Hill
Mr Presenter
Left QuoteCame down south on 4site tour and Brad made sure I was looked after from the start. Introduced me to new contacts, made sure I got a fair amount of time to deliver the 4site, put in his own time so I had a great time and continues to advise on how to raise my brand in the network. Everything that...Right Quote
Steve Davis
Instyle Marketing
Left QuoteI can't thank Brad enough just to here him, can inspire you to do better. From backroom to board room that's the way to do it. And he is allways thinking of other. Thanks again for the leadRight Quote
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