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Mike Garner
Branding with Words

4N membership number: 13009

01278 433319
Location: Bridgwater


Martyn Lax
Left QuoteI worked with Mike on identifying my real target customer which created clarity and searchability. If your mind knows what it is supposed to be looking for your Reticular Activation System kicks in and will see it when it appears. Mike helps create that vision. Thanks.Right Quote
Martyn Sloman
Gold Dust Training
Left QuoteMike took me under his wing when I was new to networking in 2013. He was advising me ahead of the curve to do video back then! From a copy writing perspective Mike can definitely help positively influence your messages to get sales. He's now the most sought after copy writer in 4N!Right Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteI met Mike at TBNS last year, we had a 1:2:1 at breakfast, mainly talked about football and hit it off straight away and stayed in touch ever since. Mike has been so generous with his support and time, we has a session recently, talking about my ideal client, which was really useful! Thank you!Right Quote
Geoff Davis
Apples & Oranges
Left QuoteI am a reseller for an automated credit control process and they sent me a blog post to use to promote their product. Mike managed to convert this from very dull 'corporate' language to something in 'normal' English which has achieved a lot of engagement for me. Thanks MikeRight Quote
David Hall
South Coast Surveying
Left QuoteThere are many words that could be used to describe Mike. And given his industry he would be far more eloquent than I! Reliable, Professional and Helpful are just 3 that instantly spring to mind. He helped a colleague out with a quite literal 'last minute' article issue and was able to save the day!Right Quote
Ed Kenworthy
Alphatec Systems Ltd
Left QuoteMy website has been in desperate need of some more effective content for a long time. Mike turned my geek speak into something a little more focused. Thanks a lot Mike.Right Quote
Gethin Roberts
ITERATE Design + Inn...
Left QuoteMike has written a number of blog posts for our website, which have been successful in increasing our traffic and brand awareness. Mike's strength lies in his ability to understand and talk to our customers in a non-corporate, non-stuffy way. He is one of the good guys and great fun to work with!Right Quote
Samantha Marshall
Network - Develop - ...
Left QuoteThank you for travelling to Newton Abbot today and giving the 4Sight on Creativity. I was really understandable, delivered with pace and knowledge but in PLAIN ENGLISH. I hope that you will come and see us again in South Devon and impart more pearls of wisdom THANK YOURight Quote
Tim Masters
Masters Design
Left QuoteI met Mike recently at a 4N lunch meeting; we hit it off as we seem to have a lot in common. Among Mike's many talents is he speaks French like a native and he recently translated a business letter for me quickly, accurately and persuasively. I gladly recommend Mike...service exceptionnel!Right Quote
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media
Left QuoteMike Garner knows how to use an apostrophe and craft beautiful words for small and large businesses. I know this as he has provided copy for one of my 4n clients and from here Mike Is now working on a major blue chip client under our umbrella. Mike is professional and personable. #4n worksRight Quote
Peter Lamb
Westminster Law
Left QuoteMike spent time really understanding and analysing what was needed, and came back with a perfect, succinct, accurate piece of writing. Highly recommended.Right Quote
Judith Ludovino
TelePA Ltd
Left QuoteMike listened carefully to my challenge - how to describe my established business in a fresh yet accurate manner. In no time at all Mike resolved this fundamental problem - one that has been vexing me for years. Thank you!Right Quote
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