Testimonials from Members

Susie Flashman Jarvis
The Bespoke Coach

4N membership number: 156993

Location: Tunbridge wells

Mark Brown
World Technologies
Left QuoteIf you are looking for someone who you can open up to whilst ensuring total discretion then Susie is the lady for you to work with. Packed full of character, Susie will be open and honest with you and will guide you in a high-energy, positive way.Right Quote
Richard Smith
Left QuoteIf you are looking for, and are interested in, somebody who speaks from the heart on matters of social conscience that concern us all, Susie is that somebody. She gives an inspired and heartfelt presentation which will grip your audience, giving everyone in the room something to reflect upon.Right Quote
Ian Noble
Uckfield Chamber of ...
Left QuoteSusie has undoubtedly had an interesting background and she presented a hugely engaging 4Sight touching on subject matter that many wouldn't dare to tackle. She uses all of her experience for the greater good.Right Quote