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Gordon Hewett

4N membership number: 21486

0788 303 8100
Location: Reading


Eva Godden
New Ways 2 Get Clien...
Kingston upon Thames
Left QuoteGordon helped me with my training workshops and gave me a lot of encouragement. We are working together on a project. Thank you Gordon.Right Quote
Evonne Brown
Left QuoteGordon supplied me with ContactMaker at a time when I thought it was a 'nice thing to have'. How wrong was I! It's absolutely essential if you have clients, whatever stage your business is at. It saves hours of time and puts you effortlessly on a par with big companies' customer service. BIG THANKSRight Quote
Paul Sampson
Left QuoteGordon, thank you for Contact Maker. How did I ever cope without it? I have over 1000 contacts, their details are at my finger tips, easily accessible every time the phone rings; I’m now in complete control of what was said to whom and when. I should have bought it a year ago.Right Quote
Jane Hardy
Fabulous Women
Left QuoteGordon set me up with ContactMaker last week and it has already proved invaluable. In 10 minutes I was inputting all my contacts and creating reminders +++.It's so easy to use and I don't have names/addresss+++ in different spreadhseets etc anymore and its password protected! Brilliant.Right Quote
Colin Washbourn
WSI Internet Consult...
West Byfleet
Left QuoteI purchased ContactMaker from Gordon 2 months ago. My business administration and marketing activities have become so much easier and more effective, giving me more time to do what I'm really interested in. Many thanks, Gordon.Right Quote
Julie Blunt
Utility Warehouse
Left QuoteI took a copy of CMB's 5 Tips On Everyday Database Management from the bumph table. It offered some really useful advice which should keep my contacts and my computer safe. I also appreciated the suggestions for diary management. All good stuff, thanks Gordon.Right Quote
Gail Sampson
Knockbuckle Associat...
Left QuoteGordon supplied us with ContactMaker in July 2009, and as a business, we have not looked back since - as a database it is easy to use and the additional invoicing package we have helps keep on top of our cashflow. Thanks Gordon.Right Quote
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