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Piers Sparrow (Optimum)

Location: Macclesfield
Member No: 34968
Left QuoteI seek people who want to build and create a business leveraging off the worlds leading wellness & anti aging company. Exclusive, emotional and consumable products = true passive income. Call me now. Right Quote
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6th Sep 2012
Robbie Birchall
Left QuotePiers has vast networking experience and really helped me find my feet when I first started. He has a patient approach and over time I've
realised that if Piers believes in something, that's almost all of the convincing I need. Great guy.Right Quote
5th Apr 2012
Rick Robinson
Left Quote...although he will be gutted that I have the same number of testimonials as him (15) so I have added this one to avoid his wrath! ;o)
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5th Apr 2012
Rick Robinson
Left QuotePiers is one of life's 'givers' - he will always try and help you to develop your own contacts and network before his own. He made me feel very welcome when I first joined and I have always enjoyed being part of his group meetings.Right Quote
29th Sep 2011
Torkild Smith
Left QuotePiers is a great networker and very committed to make sure the 4N members get the best out of 4Networking. I joined in May and have got to know Piers on a more personal level. Great man!Right Quote
18th Aug 2011
Steve Hearle
Left QuotePiers was my first contact in 4n and his constant enthusiasm and support is inspirational.
Having previously worked in a corporate environment Networking has been a new experience for me and Piers has shown how it should be done with his selfless attitude in connecting people . Thanks Piers !!

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11th Aug 2011
Paul Henry
Left QuoteDue to holidays and awful weather a recent Wilmslow meeting was left very low on numbers and I feared the worst. But Piers's level headedness and enthusiasm turned the meeting into one of the best I've attended.
An absolute credit to 4N and it's members, well done mate

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6th Jul 2011
Patrick Healy
Left QuoteHaving been networking now for several months I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people and Piers ranks highly amongst them. His selfless approach to networking and the ability to introduce good business matches is something to behold. Eternal thanks for all your help. Right Quote
12th May 2011
Mike Cowburn
Left QuoteWhen I first met Mr S I couldn’t believe he was 75 - still can’t now several meetings later! He’s a generous guy in many ways: businessman, inspirational 4N legend & a great humanitarian!

I encourage everyone in 4N to have a 1 2 1 with him and come away with their lives much enriched by doing so!
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6th May 2011
Mark Currie
Left QuotePiers is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to getting the most out of 4N. As a new member, his energy, advice, opinions and referrals have helped me enormously over the past few months. How does he do it? Must really be something IN THEM THERE PILLS he goes on about.Right Quote
4th Apr 2011
Justin Gibbs
Left QuoteThe first group I went to was Stockport, met Piers, and found him to be ridiculously helpful. He sits there and ponders who he can introduce to you that he thinks would 1) get your message (mEssage Bill Dove...) and 2) get real value in building a relationship with you. Happy to recommend him.Right Quote
4th Apr 2011
Mark Bradley
Left QuotePiers is one of the most experienced and knowledgable networkers I've ever met. Although I've been networking for many years, I'm still learning and I've picked up more tips and positive suggestions from Piers than anyone else. Piers is patient, easy going, friendly and has been a great hosts at many events I've attended. He is always first to dig you out a lead and never expects anything in return. Anyone interested in networking can learn plenty from Piers Sparrow.Right Quote
16th Mar 2011
Nick Hine
Left QuoteVibrant, engaging, honest and helpful that's Piers. He was the first 4Ner that I met and he made me feel welcome and included straight away. He is now a great friend and supportive Area Leader. If you are looking for a boost then I highly recommend a chat with my friend Piers. Right Quote
8th Mar 2011
Louise Barson
Left QuoteI'm thrilled to have met Piers again. He is supportive, informative, fun to know and a great ambassador for 4N; both as a member and as an Area Leader. He has put me in touch with people who maybe able to help me expand my business. PS - I've heard good testimonials about his products too!Right Quote
27th Jan 2011
Alex Mackenzie
Left QuoteAfter getting to know Piers over the last year I have been taking his Ageloc supplement since before Christmas. I had been feeling permanently drained, run down and had a permanent cold. Since then I've felt fantastic. Thanks Piers. Top bloke.Right Quote
7th Oct 2010
Pam Drysdale
Left QuoteIn my 2 months membership, I have found Piers to be a wonderful support and mentor. He has given me several leads which are very exciting and the prospects quite incredible. Thank you Piers.
Pam Drysdale
Parent CoachRight Quote
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