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Ken Attwell (K Attwell)
07949 600 648

Location: Stevenage
Member No: 36106
Left QuoteK Attwell was established because we passionately feel there is significant room for improvement in the level and quality of service offered to companies looking to generate more business.Right Quote
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17th Oct 2012
Jonathan Lane
Left QuoteKen, Really enjoyed your 4Sight and your 6 Key Points to Boost your Sales. Some real nuggets in there, especially in terms of having the right business model and strategy. JonathanRight Quote
5th Oct 2012
Vee Smith
Left QuoteI really enjoyed Ken's 4Sight at Watford yesterday. He speaks with animated passion and authority and I picked up a few good nuggets and was reminded of some good tips that I'm going to apply in my marketing strategy. Right Quote
4th Oct 2012
Dawn Barton
Left QuoteKen delivers strong and inspirational 4sights and this morning was no exception. His capacity to share his knowledge and experience is further complimented by the quality of information he imparts and the passion with which it is delivered. Right Quote
4th Oct 2012
Marc Brenner
Left QuoteInsightful, Passionate, Thought Provoking and Plain Speaking, No Nonsense INSPIRATIONAL. Ken spoke at this mornings' 4 Sight @ the Watford meeting. If you are looking for someone to lead, inspire, mentor or help drive your business forward with increased sales then I would highly recommend Ken. Right Quote
4th Oct 2012
Simon Dormer
Left QuoteKen delivered a 4 Sight at Watford this morning which I found thought provoking and inspirational. If you are looking for someone to help drive your business forward with increased sales then I would look no further than Ken.Right Quote
27th Aug 2012
Mark Hewitt
Left QuoteDelivered a very useful 4sight at the Brentwood South meeting. Very passionate and knowledgeable. If he is delivering a 4sight in a meeting near you then I rcommend that you attend.Right Quote
24th Aug 2012
Lee Westrap
Left QuoteKen did a brilliant 4Sight at our last meeting @ Brentwood South. Never seen anyone deliver one with such passion and it was very thought provoking. On a personal level Ken is very approachable and likeable - definitely a person to have a few beers with!!Right Quote
23rd Aug 2012
Brian Chester
Left QuoteReally enjoyed Ken's 4Sight last week. Very thought provoking. Such a friendly and lively character with a positive approach. An ideal way to start your morning.Right Quote
18th Aug 2012
Dean Caldon MARLA
Left QuoteThanks Ken for a very uplifting and engaging 4sight yesterday on marketing tips. Found it really inspiring to listen to.Right Quote
23rd Jul 2012
Michael Schuz
Left QuoteKen gave a really enaging 4sight at Elstree about how hip hop artists use clever marketing and promotion techniques. Ken is a great communicator and really worth listening to.Do go to hear
him.Right Quote
18th Jul 2012
Philip Gale
Left QuoteKen is a great guy and he is very passionate about what he does. He gave the Hip Hop Guide to Marketing as his 4sight at 4N Elstree last night. Very useful stuff and a lot of energy! Not to be missed. Right Quote
18th Jul 2012
Nigel Minchin
Left QuoteGreat foresight today. Ken has a natural way of communicating with people, I could listen to him all day! Lots of thinking points as well. Top stuff.Right Quote
18th Jul 2012
Julian Cartman
Left QuoteKen did a great 4sight slot last night at Elstree, his enthusiasm shines through with some great marketing tips!Right Quote
9th Jul 2012
Gareth King
Left QuoteI love this man. He is soooo passionate about what he does and the enthusiasm simply rubs off on you. Very knowledgeable and has some great and ideas. And if you haven't seen his 4Site yet then you're missing a treat.Right Quote
26th Jun 2012
Tony slater
Left QuoteKen is a very positive and lively character with some good ideas on how to increase sales within your business. I was inspired when seeing his 4sight and took some useful info away with me alsoRight Quote
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