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Sarah Brown

4N membership number: 45065

01709 810080
Location: Sheffield


Geoff Bell
Fleet Rental Solutions
Left QuoteEvery time I speak to Sarah, she focuses on an idea that will help my business. So switched on after listening to your 1 to 1, Sarah is never short of real, achievable ideas. Speak to Sarah, to give extra content to your business ideas, Sarah certainly does Inspire.Right Quote
Sarah Batty
Something Better The...
Left QuoteI've been working with Sarah and Bob for a few months now- they have been of great support, have helped me focus my business plan and develop greatly as a new business at a time that I need it most by giving me ideas, develop strategies and skills. Thank you both very much!Right Quote
Victoria Wood
Cavendish Cancer Care
Left QuoteSarah really does inspire you. She has countless ideas from a very impressive background and CV.Right Quote
Mark Bletcher
Cool Glass
Left QuoteWhat I can say about Sarah is she has a way of finding a different perspective on business and then turning them into inspirational ideas. If you are at a 4N with Sarah have a 1-2-1 you will not be disappointed.Right Quote
Neil Maycock
Digital Impact Solut...
Left QuoteSarah's creative genius and ideas have helped my business grow to the point that cash flow has doubled. She has taken the lead in areas I am weak in and help bring a creative spark and a helping hand. Working with Sarah and Bob is like having a board of directors on hand.Right Quote
Hannah Bailey
Wise Choice Nutrition
Left QuoteSarah has helped me come up with lots of ideas for marketing the business. She definitely knows her stuff and has some great ideas which work, are exciting and inspiring. I'd definitely recommend talking to Sarah for marketing ideas which are a little bit different and more creativeRight Quote
Liz Burton
Liz Burton Hypnother...
Left QuoteSarah is one of the most gifted and inspirational people I have ever met, professionally or personally. Her intuition, empathy and depth of understanding are astounding. Sarah has integrity, wisdom and a strong ethical code. Her ideas are exciting, fresh and, yes, inspiring. Highly recommended.Right Quote
Mel Downing
Natural Solutions
Left QuoteSarah's wonderful sense of fun and visionary way of looking at the world is a huge tonic. Her marketing ideas and creative way of getting ones message out there seems to hold no bounds. She definitely lives her message of wanting to make a change and the world a better place to be.Right Quote