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adam stevens (Intelligent Eating)
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2nd Sep 2014
Petrina Baldwin
Left QuoteAdam is right out there showing us all how to live healthier. OBE will be on his mantle within 5 years. Right Quote
2nd Jul 2014
Gavin Wadeson
Left QuoteAdam is much more than just an excellent presenter... Above all else, he is a Thought Leader. He is one of those people who aren't afraid to put themselves out there to be shot at... he'll say the stuff that others are thinking, but are reluctant to sayRight Quote
26th Jan 2014
Christine Smith
Left QuoteA very good presentation. It's something I agree with totally & am also very aware of. My chosen diet involves cutting out any sort of processed or pre-prepared food as far a possible because of the amount of hidden sugars & salt which is quite shocking. So well done for raising awareness.Right Quote
16th Jan 2014
Andrew Sibbick
Left QuoteFantastic presentation - really engaging speaker and made everyone stop and think not about what we do but about why we do it. Truly excellent.Right Quote
8th Jan 2014
Sanchia Gallifent
Left QuoteA fabulous thought provoking 4 sight today at Farnham.
It takes time to stop and think exactly what we are eating and sadly most of us rely on convenience foods because of our hectic lifestyle.
A real eye opener - thanks Adam
Right Quote
24th Dec 2013
Brad Burton
Left QuoteAdam has gone out of his way on numerous occasions to be really helpful, as in really helpful. Including spending time on Xmas eve to talk me through setting up a fan page on Facebook. A bloke who truely sums up what it is to be a 4Ner, to give knowing that generosity comes back in spades. thanks! Right Quote
14th Dec 2013
Helena Garzon
Left QuoteA Great 4-sight Adam . I believe that people need to be educated about this subject. I really enjoyed it... ThanksRight Quote
4th Dec 2013
Brian Skeggs
Left QuoteOK, so what is Intelligent Eating? I've spoken with Adam about this under a different banner,in the past and his enthusiasm for the subject is incredible. This came through in his 4Sight as he covered the subject in an amusing, understandable and thorough way.Right Quote
4th Dec 2013
Stephen Kent
Left QuoteAdams's 4-sight at Southampton on the 3rd December was superb.
Compelling and thought provoking stuff: if you get a chance to see this 4-sight, you must.Right Quote
3rd Dec 2013
Peter Moore
Left QuoteGreat 4-sight this morning from Adam . Really thought provoking on why we do what we do.Right Quote
3rd Dec 2013
David Vane
Left QuoteI really enjoyed Adam's presentation this morning it was scary but informative!Right Quote
3rd Dec 2013
Gavin Meikle
Left QuoteThis morning Adam wowed the members of 4N Southampton with a thought provoking presentation on sex, food and motivation. He is passionate and knowledgeable about his subject and I for one have been giving his message careful thought over the day which says a lot for it's relevance and delivery. Right Quote
12th Nov 2013
Ian Dickson
Left QuoteThanks Adam, excellent 4Sight AGAIN...

I have had the pleasure of listening to Adam do 2 4sights over the last couple of years.

Two completely different subjects. Both pitched perfectly and expertly delivered. Need a 4Sight? Give Adam a call.. You won't be disappointed.

Ian DicksonRight Quote
29th Dec 2012
Left QuoteYou cannot help liking Adam. He is so helpful and knowledgeable especially with his expertise in sales and mind training. He kindly sent me two e-books. The Mindset of a Sales Master and The Motivated Mind both by Stephen Tierney founder of Mindcell. Adam is charming and has a wicked sense of humourRight Quote
24th Oct 2012
Kan Baigent
Left QuoteAdam 4 sight gave good advice and I utilize it by adding more to my profile. Hope to see him sometimes when he visits London.Right Quote
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