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Frank Harris

4N membership number: 72406

Location: Potters Bar


Left QuoteWas great to have a quick chat with Frank re his services he knows his stuff. Hope to talk more at the next 4NRight Quote
Gerrit van Deventer
Marketing & Business...
Left QuoteThanks for the very helpful insight into the London Ecosystem and pointing out where I could get the best ROI on time invested. As always straight to the point and very much appreciated.Right Quote
Himie Hovsha
Allied Claims - Loss...
Waltham Cross
Left QuoteVery interesting foresight.Right Quote
Janet Efere
Tadpole Training
Left QuoteFrank has helped to clarify my thinking regarding social media. He is one of those wonderful people who can explain complicated things in a way that is easily understood. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating & Frank's advice has been really effective, with tangible results - thank you!Right Quote