Testimonials from Members

Michael Nagles
4Networking Ltd

4N membership number: 85441

0345 123 4444
Location: Taunton


Bob Brown
Left QuoteMichael works bloody hard for the member's benefit. We are lucky to have a guy who goes more than the extra mile. Keep up the good work and thank you for your inspiration.Right Quote
Pat Cannon
Cannon Horticulture
Left QuoteI like Michael. I think he is a great guy. Now get back to work!Right Quote
Steven Daniels
Just Right Products UK
Left QuoteMichael is the epitome of a great leader, listens to comments, lets them get mulled over by rest of group if applicable, comes to a way forward based on that feedback and or takes it further if necessary. He's also just a nice guy which helps a hell of a lot. Good to meet you again today.Right Quote
S Whyatt
Left QuoteMichael has been a great help in getting 4Development off the ground - working with me to provide online learning for members - a great membership benefit.Right Quote
Andrea Basilio
Certified LOA Facili...
Left QuoteThank you for being there for me during my 4N journey and otherwise. I learnt a lot from you and I truly appreciate your time, welcoming approach and direct style. You are a real celebrity! Even though I don't understand some words you say :).Right Quote
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare
Left QuoteVery approachable and likeable, even though he calls football 'soccer'.Right Quote
Daniel Anderson
Reflexology Finchley
Left QuoteI had a great one-to-one with Michael he gave me some great ideas to enhance my reflexology business.Right Quote
John Kettley
The Sales Masters Gu...
Left QuoteMichael is one of those guys that you just know is a genuine decent guy, someone who actually does what he says he is going to do. If your looking to work with Michael on a project & want know if he is the right person for you I can guarantee you that you have found someone of absolute integrity.Right Quote
Stephen Kelly
Ebony Services
Left QuoteGave Michael a out line of what we need on our web site He came back with a great site & help me understand about add words etc is such easy terms! Would have no problem in put his company forward to anybody. Talks to you all the way to make sure you understand what they are doing!Right Quote
Paul Ryan
Improve On You
Left QuoteMike recently optimised my 4N profile page. He's full of ideas and helpful suggestions. He sourced photos and videos and embedded a film into my signature. This took him 2 hours with none of the fuss, bother or heartache I usually associate with this type of thing. And he's a top Geezer too!Right Quote