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Jo Howarth
The Happiness Club

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Location: Prescot


Jon Beake
Reduce Your Bills Fo...
Left QuoteJo delivered her 4sight in Chard today (31 July 18) and I have to say it is one of the best I have heard. She is a great story teller, making a perceived fluffy subject into compelling reality. I thoroughly enjoyed it, took notes and more importantly will take action!Right Quote
Sarah Shields
Mini Minion Of KSH S...
Left QuoteLove this lady. Brighten's up everyone's day. 4Sight was amazing & took so much from it. Don't worry... be happy! :)Right Quote
Rachael Chiverton
Rachael Chiverton Ltd
Left QuoteHearing Jo 4Sight many times on Mindfulness in 2016, I always listened and learned, however at Christmas 2017 her words had a massive impact. By staying in the present and realising I controlled my feelings meant I had my first Christmas without a row with the mother in law. Thanks JoRight Quote
Graham King
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Left QuoteTwo very special people got married at the weekend and enjoyed the happiest day of their lives. Jo Howarth helped that to happen and will always have the thanks of two families for getting them on the road to a great future together.Right Quote
James Chisholm
Meschi Consultants
Left QuoteJo is amazing, I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Jo as well as counselling and she helped me resolve some really long standing issues I didn't really know I had. One memorable session I came out feeling like I could fly, it was an amazing feeling. Jo is Number 1 in her field for me.Right Quote
Gary Dwyer
Ashton Business Solu...
Left QuoteJo is an all round lovely lady, I can now say I class as a friend after only meeting her twice. Her 4Sight was excellent ,she obviously is a happy family lady which I count as extremely important. Thank you for the 4Sight yesterday, it was most enjoyable, and I look forward to 4Sighting at Chester.Right Quote
Josh Peers
AMC Prestige Cars
Left QuoteJo is a cherished member of 4n! Love her groups and a super networker - lots of hints and tips along the way too which has helped massively. Jo's 4sight is awesome and a great insight to what she does! I am looking forward to working with Jo in the near future.Right Quote
Jen Hinds
Always Oarsome
Left QuoteJo provides so much value in 1:1s & 4Sights, that I recently booked a series of sessions with her. Jo immediately puts you at ease in a session and, using a range of techniques from mindfulness to hypnosis, could help with pretty much any issue that may be holding you back. Would totally recommend!Right Quote
Dave Kitchen
Terrific Taxis
Left QuoteI was part of an extended '3some' during a 1:1 round with Joanna, rather than just 'sell' she shared with the 2 of us a technique we could use to alleviate stress. The technique is excellent, and Jo was generous to share this with us. I would recommend talking to her if stress is a problem for you.Right Quote