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Tracey Robertson
Total Office Help Ltd

4N membership number: 102091

01234 924224
Location: Bedford


Emma Samm
Comets Corners
Milton Keynes
Left QuoteSince using Applaws, our aged Jack Russell is no longer the fussy eater he has been for 15 years & will eat 'just' dry (never known!) & our 2 rescued Yorkshire Terriers who were sad sights in August are now THRIVING - coats shiny, proper weight, energy, just lovely. It's worth every penny. Thank youRight Quote
Martin Gaunt
The Computer Technic...
Left QuoteCan I also add that Martin serviced & upgraded the RAM in my work laptop for a very reasonable price but then I gave that to my mum & upgraded to a GREAT VALUE HP Elite laptop from him for myself. Best buy of the year. And confident that IF any problems, Martin will be happy to help. Thankyou MartinRight Quote
Martin Gaunt
The Computer Technic...
Left QuoteI had no hesitation in recommending Martin to a client of mine who had upgraded to Windows10 by himself & it all went wrong & PC World were less than helpful! Job not yet done as PCW cannot return to my client til Monday but I have every confidence that Martin will resolve quicker, cheaper & better.Right Quote
Richard Abrahams
TLC International De...
Potters Bar
Left QuoteSo I learned what a rubbish networker I was after Richard's 4sight at Olney on Wednesday morning! Really does make you think that with a few tweaks & just a few minutes preparation, how much more productive I could be! recommend EVERY meet to listen to this one! Thank you Richard.Right Quote
Steve Webb
Thirst First Mobile ...
Left QuoteWe really should have an evening meeting to truly appreciate Steve's art! Mojitos at 9am? Oh my! If you have ANY excuse for an event with Steve, you won't be disappointed: delicious cocktails, lots of banter, everyone would have a great time. Parties, launches, just because...Right Quote
Left QuoteI avoid coaches&mentors as I hadn't yet met one who convinced me of their GENUINE interest in me&my business & didn't want me to spend lots of money! Stuart is different.Too little space here but if you want to grow, attend his 'F-word' breakfast & join Growth Club. Not an easy ride but worth it.Right Quote