Member Testimonials Given

Martyn Sloman
Gold Dust Training

4N membership number: 102730

Location: Weston-super-Mare


Pippa Hodge
Brad Burton Ltd
Left QuotePippa is fab! She's brought new energy to Bridgwater 4N as Group Leader where her team respond really well to her. She's been personally encouraging of me developing the Sales Speaking side of my business. She's a great ambassador for Brad Burton. And now she'an engaging public speaker herself!Right Quote
Mike Garner
Branding with Words
Left QuoteMike took me under his wing when I was new to networking in 2013. He was advising me ahead of the curve to do video back then! From a copy writing perspective Mike can definitely help positively influence your messages to get sales. He's now the most sought after copy writer in 4N!Right Quote
Matt Richardson
Recognition Express ...
Left QuoteMatt is a key reason for the huge momentum and energy 4N enjoys in the South West. He is one of the most influential networkers in Bristol.. I've seen him help stacks of businesses have successful exhibitions as a result of his guidance on using the right promotional product on their stands!Right Quote
Martyn Lax
Left QuoteMartyn helped one of my customers with an Assessment report. This has served to engage and focus him which, in turn has allowed me to further develop him and his team. I've seen & used lots of personality profiles, Martyn's one now sets the bar for the rest!Right Quote
Mark Stonham
Left QuoteMark's LinkedIn knowledge is second to none- get in touch with him if you are at odds with LinkedIn or feel it could work better for you! He's also been instrumental in the growth of our 4N Aztec Hilton group and introduced lots of people to the network who then go on to benefit from the opportunityRight Quote
Mark Brimson
Touch Payments
Downend, Bristol
Left QuoteMark has a team role at our Bristol Cribbs 4N group. He is one of the reasons why it's so popular- he's a straight speaking, friendly chap and is massively well connected so knows how to help people maximise their networking. He is a payment card expert- if it's Chip & Pin think of Brim!Right Quote
Louise Monblat
THE Discount Club
Lyme Regis
Left QuoteI first met Louise at The Somerset Business Show and knew I was talking to one of life's Do'ers! She has quickly made a positive impact by supporting one of our Area Leaders growing our Exeter group and in turn forming her own group at Lyme Regis all with lightning speed! Thanks Louise!Right Quote
Lesley Watts
Utility Warehouse
Left QuoteLesley is one of the most connected and helpful people I know. She's been very supportive of our local groups and enthusiastically invites businesses to 4N in her travels. A great ambassador for Utility Warehouse!Right Quote
Kimba Cooper
Kimba Digital Market...
Left QuoteKimba became part of the Clevedon 4N team and has immediately had impact on the promotion and smooth running of the group. She's helped it become consistently in the top 20 in the UK . If you need help with organisation and Social media in your business get in touch with Kimba!Right Quote
John Holden
Utility Warehouse
Left QuoteJohn is Group Leader of our Taunton-one of the most popular in the network! He has a real gift for finding a positive comment about our visitors which makes them feel so welcome and sometimes surprises them! His value of customer care is a key reason he has such a successful business!Right Quote
Jenny Leggott
Transcend Zero
Left QuoteJenny is a key team member in the South West helping to bring serious vibrancy to our Exeter group. Plus she's been instrumental in launching our new Lyme Regis group. Her creativity spans across copy writing services plus she's published 4 Dragon based fantasy novels!Right Quote
Greg Dodimead
Blackgate Design
Left QuoteGreg has been Group Leader of our Cribbs group for over a year now and it's become the most popular breakfast in the network! He balances the social fun side with running everything to time; finishing on time at every meeting-no mean feat! His understanding of customer's brand objectives is spot on!Right Quote
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