Member Testimonials Given

Brian Morrison
BizSocial Networking

4N membership number: 105221

Location: Blackpool


Adrian Taffinder
The Mind Expansion A...
Left QuoteI had pleasure in having Adrian come to 4Sight at Glasgow South this week and found his amazing talk to be one of the BEST in my 2 + years in 4Networking. Was very professional and also great how Adrian asked for a volunteer and showed a great demonstration of his work in action. AWESOME TALKRight Quote
Sam Keenan
Plus 24 Marketing
Left QuoteI met same through 4 Networking, and he has always supported my charity work in the community. His many tips on Social Media and sending over anything he finds to help the charity is AMAZING, just as Sam is himself. I have seen many presentations from Sam on Social Media and he is the BEST out thereRight Quote
Tom Metcalf
Little Touches - B&B...
Left QuoteAfter meeting Tom at a business networking event, i had no hesitation in inviting him to 4N and then asking him to become a Group Leader over at 4N Blackpool. I recently asked Tom to do a 4Sight / Presentation to the group, which was one of the best 4sights i had seen since joining 4Networking.Right Quote
Chris Clarke
tHe GaMeCHnaGeR
Left QuoteIf you are considering dealing with Chris in business or a social basis, STOP considering and arrange that initial chat with this down to earth fabulous guy. Listened to his 4sight presentation a few weeks ago, and Chris is REALLY a professional person who will make you smile and laugh at same time.Right Quote