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Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency

4N membership number: 107668

07920 877777
Location: Warwick


Ernie Boxall
Ernie SAID (Speaking...
Left QuoteA Brilliant 4Sight! Ernie came to Leamington Evening and gave a superb show and one of the best starts to a 4Sight ever! It had it all - laughs, thoughts, props and a great ending! Recommended!Right Quote
Nick Elston
Nick Elston
Left QuoteBloody brilliant 4Sight from Nick Elston! How Nick explained anxiety had the room nodding away & hooked from the off. If you've not seen this guy talk about anxiety then book in & experience it! Nick is an incredible speaker who commands the room & shares his story with an open heart.Right Quote
Chris Clarke
tHe GaMeCHnaGeR
Left QuoteHe stole the show! I've been to EVERY Accelerate conference since their conception and I've seen some amazing speakers but on in January 2018 I saw Chris Clarke. The last speaker of the day and some serious talent to follow... but he nailed it. 'It takes a gay man to talk straight!' Brilliant work!Right Quote
Caroline Kempster
The Letting People
Leamington Spa
Left QuoteCaroline is a very hard working woman! Having her on my team at Leamington Evening helps us to be the best. She's got a great marketing head; making events look unmissable. Her crazy ideas and brilliant actions have helped Leamington Evening become one of the top three groups of 2016!Right Quote
Sian Mercer
Sian Mercer Photogra...
Leamington Spa
Left QuoteSian ROCKS! Her photography is just beautiful and really adds to an event or occasion. Sian takes all the photos at my 4Networking meeting and they always get such great comments and praise. Check out her Facebook page and website to see the quality of her work. A very good person and photographer.Right Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteEmma is a great person and a super mind-meddler! I stopped over in Gorleston-on-Sea recently for a 4Sight and she really helped me with some 'stuff'! More time in the pink zone... that's what I need need! Check Emma out if you need 'un-sticking' in your life/bizRight Quote
James Duncan Chisholm
Meschi Consultants
Left QuoteJames carries bags like no other. I wouldn't have anyone else in 4N carry my bags. James is the best bag carrier I've ever had. ... also great at Area Leading, social organising and adding stuff up. James for president.Right Quote
Di Fisher
The Photo Den
Left QuoteThanks to Di for creating this really cool video of my 4Sight at Gainsborough 4N. She clearly gets the value in creating and capturing content like this. Great little video shot in a busy room... Imagine what else she could do! Quote
Michael Trigg
The Presentation Mae...
Left QuoteI had the honour of attending Michael's presentation boot camp. I spent the whole day perfecting not only my public speaking but also how to create the perfect talk. It's revolutionised how I plan and give a talk in 4Networking and beyond. Michael has some serious skills. If you speak you need this!Right Quote
Claire McTernan
No Fluff; Just Results
Left Quote[Feb 2016 update] Does this stuff work? I mean why would you hire Claire? My turnover just went up 30% in the last 6 months. Seriously... Claire is brilliant. Hire her now or email me for my thoughts so I can talk you into it!Right Quote
Craig Petty
Slightly Unusual Ltd
Left QuoteLegend! An actual 4N LEGEND. If you're looking for something amazing for your events then you need to find Craig. He's brilliant. If you need a 4Sighter then you'll not get better... possibly the best in 4N? He gets my vote!Right Quote
Carol Crowther
Carol Crowther
Chipping Campden
Left QuoteToday I saw Carol's 4Sight on Love Languages. I can honestly say it's one of the most useful 4Sights I've seen. Carol is a lovely, warm person and I really enjoy her meetings At Stratford too. If you hear that Carol is 4Sighting then get along to her meeting or if you need a 4Sighter - Book Carol xRight Quote
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