Member Testimonials Given

Alan Cohen
Text My Deal Ltd

4N membership number: 111897

Location: Borehamwood


John Kettley
The Sales Masters Gu...
Left QuoteI met John at a 4N meeting almost a year ago and I have enjoyed every discussion with him since. John is a terrific trainer, business coach and quite frankly, an all round good guy. He will tell you how it is in a straight forward, down to earth manor that is very easy to understand.Right Quote
Sue Beswick
The Resource Centre
Left QuoteWe have been using The Resource Centre to make appointments for us for a couple of months. Sue and her team are an accomplished act, very professional and completely in tune with our requirements. Their work is excellent and I look forward to a continued relationship. Alan Cohen, Text My Deal.Right Quote
Simon Stillman
Career coach
Hemel Hempstead
Left QuoteWhat an inspiring character Simon is. He did the 4sight at this mornings meeting in Rickmansworth and managed to involve the whole room in his presentation. Very educational,very enlightening and based on what I saw today, I would not hesitate to recommend Simon for his coaching skills. Alan Cohen.Right Quote