Member Testimonials Given

James Duncan Chisholm
Meschi Consultants

4N membership number: 117506

07443 484958
Location: Wirral


Matt Burke
Palm Studios
Left QuoteMatt came to speak for us at 4N Shrewsbury, he was confident & delivered a really excellent 4sight that showed us more about his personality & also some really valuable business lessons. For someone so young to be able to present so well and coherently is a nod to the level of Matt's business nouse!Right Quote
Paula Cohen
Left QuoteI went on Paula's Put Some Shizzle Into Your Sales! course today. Coming from a position of feeling I was useless at sales, Paula showed me I had a number of the key skills already, identified improvement areas, & we created a strategy together to help my business grow. Awesome & highly recommendedRight Quote
Dave Kitchen
Terrific Taxis
Left QuoteDave was one of the 1st people I met in 4N and pleased to now call him a great friend. In terms of his work there is no one better in my mind than Dave, and he is hugely supportive of people wanting to make the change with their nutrition. It has been said before, but Dave really knows his onions!Right Quote
Jo Howarth
The Happiness Club
Left QuoteJo is amazing, I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Jo as well as counselling and she helped me resolve some really long standing issues I didn't really know I had. One memorable session I came out feeling like I could fly, it was an amazing feeling. Jo is Number 1 in her field for me.Right Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteEmma is an amazing Coach, we met through Bradcamp online and then at TBNS. We have been great friends since, and when I went through some difficulties she was the first one there to help me out. Whenever I speak or meet Emma I always come away feeling so much better and more confident.Right Quote
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency
Left QuoteTodd is awesome, not only does he have the best group in 4N, a master of all things social, but he is also a hugely nice guy who is always willing to help people. I have gained so much from Todd, and especially his online webinars. Cant wait to get on a physical course soon :-) #SocialMediaMasterRight Quote
Jen Hinds
Always Oarsome
Left QuoteJen is awesome! As a Regional Leader of 4N where she has been so supportive of me as a member & subsequently a teamie. She has also helped me massively with my personal brand and helped me to get to being me 100% of the time. There is no one better in her field as far as I am concerned. :-)Right Quote
Carla Hutchison
Get it Branded Ltd
Left QuoteSince meeting Carla at TBNS2015, I have found that she and go above and beyond in terms of providing their customers with an unrivaled service and products. If you need printing and promotional items there is no better than Carla and She is an awesome lady too!Right Quote
James Hutchison
Get it Branded
Left QuoteI met Jamie & found out about his company at TBNS2015. Since then both Jamie & have been a great supplier to myself both for my printing & promotional needs. I needed a banner quickly for an event, & within a matter of a couple of days it was designed & with me. Wholeheartedly recommendRight Quote