Member Testimonials Given

Paul Gough
Gough Mortgage & Protection Ltd

4N membership number: 127621

0117 9085349
Location: Bristol


Chris Dalton
Complete Video Servi...
Left QuoteChris filmed one of my 4sights, very professional and efficient. He used 3 cameras and edited them together seamlessly. Very pleased with the end result. Highly recommendedRight Quote
Roger Green
The Car Finder
Left QuoteI have known Roger for many years, he is a true professional and has kindly introduced me to several people in the past year, some which have led directly to business. Roger tirelessly looks for opportunities for others and is a highly respected member of the 4N community.Right Quote
Martyn Sloman
Gold Dust Training
Left QuoteIn one hour Martyn helped me transform my thinking. Often we already know the answers, but it takes someone on the outside like Martyn to probe, allowing us to see the answers that already lie within. I can’t put in words how helpful Martyn was. Very highly recommended.Right Quote
Greg Dodimead
Blackgate Design
Left QuoteI am delighted with Greg's design. But his work is not just to magically come up with a design he thinks looks good. Greg met with me to understand me as a person, what I liked and disliked and what I felt Paul Gough the brand stood for, leaving me overjoyed with the result. Very highly recommendedRight Quote
Isabel Gainford
The Brand Beneath
Left QuoteI attended one of Isabel's workshops with the aim of having more confidence in my own brand, me! One day with Isabel helped me quickly appreciate the skills I have, and the value I add to my clients through my years of experience in financial services and attention to detail. Highly recommendedRight Quote
Sam Neffendorf
Freedom Here and Now
Left QuoteSam helped me look differently on past key experiences in my life, which were holding me back now, and also my plans for the future, helped me realise how much my own mind was holding me back. I know have a much wider comfort zone and realise I can achieve anything I want in life. Highly recommendedRight Quote
Kayleigh Steadman
Left QuoteExcellent mentoring session, being new to the self employed world, Kayleigh helped me get much more clarity on my business objectives, timescales, and most importantly an action plan to break down what I need to do on a daily basis to achieve my goalsRight Quote
Chris Kenber
Chris Kenber Coaching
Left QuoteFabulous 4sight today Chris, time management is my big weakness, but using the technique you described will mean I will get much of the important things done sooner. Thank youRight Quote
Dickie Armour
Armour Marketing Ltd
Left QuoteDickie gave me some great hints to develop my LinkedIn profile, simple steps which will make a huge difference and give me renewed focus to make LinkedIn work for me. Thank you DickieRight Quote
Roger Green
The Car Finder
Left QuoteRoger helped client of mine buy a car. Looking at the lower end of the market but Roger was undeterred, viewing and disgarding many cars, finding faults that my client would not have noticed. End result was one satisfied client with the reliable car he was looking for without the hassle of looking !Right Quote
Tom Lakos
ProTom Fitness
Left QuoteGreat 4sight Tom, see you soonRight Quote