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Brad Burton

4N membership number: 12966

0345 123 4444
Location: Taunton


Lisa Berry
Cheeky Little Prints
Left QuoteI worked with Lisa to create a key ring of our children's handprints as a present for my wife for Mothers Day - loved it so much that I ordered a second one for myself. Great products, great service and 1 very happy customer. Thanks LisaRight Quote
Mark Wilkins
Blind Man Mark
Left QuoteAwesome, Awesome, Awesome. Great service, price, install. Couldn't be more highly recommended. 10/10Right Quote
Michael Pace
Andrew & Co Solicito...
Left QuoteFirst class advice. Heritage as a former Police officer helps. Massively!Right Quote
Paul Brown
Concept Card
Left QuoteHow good is our Paul? On time. On budget. And customer service, well. Just brilliant. 10/10 HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. Thanks Concept Cards, you rock.Right Quote
Beki Whitehouse
Death and Disease
Left Quotein 10 years of 4Networking... I had one of the most wonderful, warm 1-1s ever. Behind that lovely smile and friendly approach lies a company that really wants to help. In our fight against DEATH AND DISEASE. Great approach. Great company. Great reputation. Highly recommended.Right Quote
Paul Morricone
Thunder and Lightnin...
Left QuoteYou don't get to be official video production company for 4N, unless you are the best in the network.... Paul's approach to production is like next level stuff. No really. This is not some testimonial fluff. In 9 years of 4N without question the best promo video for the org. Ever! EXCEPTIONAL 10/10Right Quote
Tanya Lloyd
Tanya Lloyd Photogra...
Left QuoteYip. She nailed it. I was in the area and heard some great things about our Tanya and her style of photography. 20 mins later a nigh on perfect headshot. Highly recommended!Right Quote
John Gower
Omni Local
Kingston upon Thames
Left QuoteJohn is a Sales and Marketing machine! He knows everyone, helps everyone and is an asset to 4Networking. Seek him out.Right Quote
Adam Stevens
Intelligent Eating
Left QuoteAdam has gone out of his way on numerous occasions to be really helpful, as in really helpful. Including spending time on Xmas eve to talk me through setting up a fan page on Facebook. A bloke who truely sums up what it is to be a 4Ner, to give knowing that generosity comes back in spades. thanks!Right Quote
Chris Brown
Mancroft Communicati...
Left QuoteAwesome.. he shoots, he scores. PR really can work, Chris generated a stonking 4N piece in Cambridge News. In PR there are talkers and doers, fortunately our Chris is both!Right Quote
Christian Grauwiler
Agile Office Systems
Left QuoteIts amazing, when a guy 200 miles away from where 4N began... manages to capture our ethos and culture so brilliantly. I'd back up everything the author says. Thanks C!Right Quote
Jonty Egginton
Egg Media
East Grinstead
Left QuoteJonty just gets it. Although a relatively newcomer to 4N, he has shown not only his initiative but his ability in one go, with his awesome 4N Reigate video... No brief, yet he just nailed it. No egg on his face, but egg is on my radar! Good work fella, thanks.Right Quote
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