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Mike Garner
Branding with Words

4N membership number: 13009

01278 433319
Location: Bridgwater


Vicky Fraser
Business For Superhe...
Left QuoteI’m not sure Vicky knows the difference she’s made to me. All I can say is just join the Superheroes. You’ll get a bunch of useful, practical stuff (like how to get a proper testimonial that you can do something with) and the occasional arse kicking.Right Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteI've spoken to a number of coaches over the years and most never really cut it. One or two were truly terrible. Emma cut through my procrastination and avoidance strategies and made me see what I didn't want to see. With a quite disarming smile. Life changing.Right Quote
Rupert Marlow
Rupert Marlow Photog...
Left QuoteRupert did some profile pictures for me. Mrs Garner said they made her go all squiffy. Her words not mine but that says it all.Right Quote