Member Testimonials Given

Steve White
Thornbury Collections

4N membership number: 13544

01443 224407
Location: Cardiff


Chris Barber
Robertsons Solicitors
Left QuoteI have recommended many people to Chris and not one of them has anything bad to say about him, but why would they, a real great guy who is superb at what he does.Right Quote
Louise Blackburn
Left QuoteRecently attended a SEO course run by Louise, really impressed by her knowledge and ability to breakdown SEO talk to someone as simple as myself! Her follow uo on my website report was 1st class too!Right Quote
Sarah Protheroe
Utility Warehouse Th...
Merthyr Tydfil
Left QuoteA real stand up girl, brilliant and natural networker and saved me loads of money on my office utility bill XRight Quote
John O'Neill
New Vehicles Direct
Left QuoteVery enthusiastic bloke and a top man. Very engaging and a great guy to have a on a team. Not only that I have a very happy wife who has a shiny new car on the drive. Seemless process and a brilliant serviceRight Quote
Kathryn Clarke
Pixel & Print Ltd.
Left QuoteI'm so embarrassed to have noticed that I haven't given Kat a testimonial. She is a warm funny and personable lady who is an absolute asset to the 4N team. As a result of this I now use her for all my printing needs and you should too!Right Quote
John Pearson
Mortgage Search Go
Left QuoteLet me be the 1st of many to sing John's praises. Genuinely nice guy and epitomises everything that a good 4N member should be.Right Quote
Jamie Breese
Showcase Events Ltd
Left QuoteAttended at the Bristol show yesterday and was blown away but how fantastic it was. Never met Jamie but if he can organise & run this he can do anything!Right Quote
Matt Worthington
Storm Videos
Left QuoteMatt did a great 4sight for us today giving out loads of free help & advice about using your phone to make & create videos. Epitomises a great 4N memberRight Quote
Angela Peart
Changing Lifestlyes
Left QuoteWhat a fantastic lady who is such a natural funny and kind networker. So pleased to have her as part of my team. Herblife isn't half bad either and my family really enjoying most aspects of the Herblife goodsRight Quote
Chris Langley
CWL Media Ltd.
Left QuoteReally genuine guy, brilliant artist with an amazing 4Sight! Chris is what 4N is all about.Right Quote
David Turner
GemPort Jewellery/Th...
Left QuoteWhat I love about 4N is you meet the loveliest of people, just like Dave. I have an idea for my business which Dave has bent over backwards to assist me with, because a mutual contact suggested we we should be connected. #4NWorksRight Quote
Gavin Dando
Gavin Dando Freelanc...
Left Quote7 years i've been a 4N member, so seen my fair share of 'photographers'. Attended an event where Gavin was taking the snaps and blown away buy how amazing the pictures were. Seriously the best photographer I've ever seen.Right Quote
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