Member Testimonials Given

Martyn Lax

4N membership number: 149776

07855 300373
Location: Bristol


Martyn Sloman
Gold Dust Training
Left QuoteI attended one of Martyn's presentations and he knows all about selling and most importantly and to train people how to do it. If you want to know how, speak to Martyn and your sales confidence will grow. Yes or Yes.Right Quote
Paul King
Cosmic Dolphins
Left QuoteI attended one of Paul's sessions on how to improve your business Google ratings and found it fascinating. For any business that can be assessed, you need to talk to Paul.Right Quote
Paul Elliott
Strategic Rebel
Left QuoteI have met Paul a number of times and always learn something new. He knows his stuff. I bought his book and after 30 minutes of reading I had new ideas for my website and how to become the Maven. I will attend one of his training days in the near future. He is a top guy who is not really scary.Right Quote
Mike Garner
Branding with Words
Left QuoteI worked with Mike on identifying my real target customer which created clarity and searchability. If your mind knows what it is supposed to be looking for your Reticular Activation System kicks in and will see it when it appears. Mike helps create that vision. Thanks.Right Quote
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media
Left QuoteA big thanks to Michelle and her team for producing my first ever Banner. They listened, designed and produced it. Brilliant job guys.Thanks.Right Quote
Dickie Armour
Armour Marketing Ltd
Left QuoteI recently had a great meeting with Dickie and have now worked with him setting up my first ever landing pages and new domain names. He not only knows his stuff, he is incredibly helpful. Thanks Dickie.Right Quote