Member Testimonials Given

Lee Rickler
Point and Stare

4N membership number: 18424

0203 319 7857
Location: London


Eric Taylor
High Peak Creative.....
Left QuoteJust realised, that, after knowing Eric for ages, and using his services on a few occasions, I have never left him a testimonial. Well, here it is: Quality work, done right!Right Quote
Michael Nagles
4Networking Ltd
Left QuoteVery approachable and likeable, even though he calls football 'soccer'.Right Quote
Elizabeth Nolan
Sacker and Partners ...
Left QuoteA recent legal issue was dealt with in a truly professional and knowledgable standard. Elizabeth is now my go to legal person. Highly recommended.Right Quote
Dee Atkins
Miss Make It Happen
Left QuoteDee definitely 'Makes It Happen'. A quick coffee and she's brimming with ideas helping me drive a project forward. A special part of the team that's for sure.Right Quote
Lizzie Ferrar
Proofreading London
Left QuoteI asked Lizzie to provide a few articles. They were brilliant. Top level of education, perfect timing and very much on the money. Would I recommend Lizzie? I placed a regular order immediately.Right Quote
Philip Dodson
@Work Hubs
Left QuoteWorkHubs is a cool place to hang out. Perfectly suited for the 4N meetings held there. Go for the Haribo, if nothing else.Right Quote
Gareth Jones
Zodiac Security Ltd
Left QuoteWe needed a quality system installed and called on Gareth from Zodiac Security. A few hours later he had drunk numerous cups of tea and eaten all the biscuits but left a very happy customer behind. Highly recommended.Right Quote
Michael Mertens
Mertens IT Consulting
near Exeter
Left QuoteI recently needed some Mac parts - I could just spend hours surfing around trying to find the parts/ prices I want ... order, stress over having to wait a week for them to arrive only to find it's the wrong parts, send them back ... argue with the vendor .... Or ... I could just order from MichaelRight Quote
Michelle Dalley
Creating Media
Left QuoteAll my other designers were tied up in other projects so I turned to the ever effervescent Michelle - as usual, quality, professionalism, perfect timing, no quibble and all at a respectable price. Next time I won't need to _think_ about calling Michelle, I just will.Right Quote
Jacqueline Biggs
Blue Lemons
Left QuoteJaqueline has helped me plenty of times. She knows her stuff and has the answers. Highly recommended.Right Quote
Mike Morrison
Newcastle upon Tyne
Left QuoteThe thing is, I need to explain how much Mike uses the words AWESOME but this bit here only allows 300 characters. So, instead i'll tell you story. The other week I was in the park, trying out foursquare. The park wasn't yet registered on foursquare so i tried to add it - unfortunately just as I wasRight Quote
Stefan Thomas
The Networking Retreat
Left QuoteStef rocks. We were rebuilding our website and defining what we were and what we can provide. Stef listened and quickly got to the 'no bullsh*t' point of us and provided the direction and words to match. Enthusiasm outside the box.Right Quote
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