Member Testimonials Given

Lisa Blackler
Honesty Marketing

4N membership number: 21193

0793 2080793
Location: Rushden


Marc Lemezma
Communication Skills...
Left QuoteMarc came to my rescue when I had accepted a stupid bet. He gave me the key to memorising the items in my list and yay! I was triumphant. Thanks Marc, you know some clever stuff.Right Quote
Suraj Sodha
Content Day
Left QuoteYou know what I like about Suraj? He is generous with his knowledge and honourable enough to tell you when his services aren't suitable, instead of selling you something at any cost. Top man.Right Quote
Denise McCallum
Detective Denise
Left QuoteDenise did some stuff for me that put my mind at rest over someone I thought was scamming me. Simple, no nonsense, fast. She's a nice person too!Right Quote
Ryan Anderton
The Online Print Com...
Left QuoteRyan is a thoroughly decent guy, and has definitely "wowed" me with his service.Right Quote
Ronnie Ilan
sUrjj LEGAL Ltd
Left QuoteRonnie has helped make my Xmas less stressful with his calm and knowledgeable approach. I have absolute faith in him to resolve my situation in the best way possible. He is a nice guy and realistic in his assessment of the situation. Thanks Ronnie!Right Quote
Liz Sparkes
Left QuoteLiz has been generous with her time and advice. I think she's fab.Right Quote
Andy Gibney
No Brain No Gain
Left QuoteAndy changes lives.Right Quote
Emma-Jane Steffen
Little Luxuries
Left QuoteWell, I've been in the closet for a few weeks now, but it only seems fair to confess! Emma has been giving me microdermabrasion, and half way through the course of 6, I am staggered at the results. My skin is clear, soft and best of all, those pesky little wrinkles are fading away! The treatment ...Right Quote
Andrew Cox
Northwood Risk Manag...
Left QuoteAndrew has worked long and hard to sort out an insurance policy for my Shoes Galore business that actually matched my needs. Right from our first meeting when he critiqued my existing policy, I had huge confidence that he would get me the right cover at the right price. It has taken him a lot of...Right Quote
Neil Jackman
Saltbox Lettings
Left QuoteNeil called me on Fone Friday to tell me about something that could really help my businesses. I like someone who shares treasure rather than hoarding it for themselves.Right Quote
Ashley Wilkes
Problem Solved Pte Ltd
Olongapo City
Left QuoteThis isn't about Home Farm, it's about Steve. He has been generous with his advice and has really helped me clarify some ideas. I very much respect his experience and opinions.Right Quote
Robin Pyke
Maxxia Ltd
Left QuoteWhilst Robin and I haven't worked together business-wise, he is Group Leader (& Area Leader) for the Stevenage group that I am Operations Assistant for. He is always cheerful, thoughtful and interested in other people and it is mainly due to his group leader style that the group is flourishing. He...Right Quote
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