Member Testimonials Given

Liz Sparkes

4N membership number: 30081

Location: Taunton


Antonio Spinozzi
North Shields
Left QuoteAntonio is a very talented designer. His professionalism is second to none. In a very short time he created not only a perfect logo for Epsilon, but also a clear visual representation of what could seem quite a complicated service. He is a star, and we will be using his services again in the future.Right Quote
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare
Left QuoteLee has been so generous with his time and expertise I have lost count! However tonight Lee surpassed even his own generosity, helping me solve a Wordpress problem which had turned into a nightmare (for me!) He freely gave up hours of his time, and threw in even more advise and tips. What a star.Right Quote
Michael Mertens
Mertens IT Consulting
near Exeter
Left QuoteIf you have a Mac or want a Mac, Michael is your man, what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing. He's also a genuine good guy and always happy to help. If testimonials had a star rating, we'd give him 5.Right Quote
Janet Slinn
Tree of Knowledge
Left QuoteI have had the pleasure of working with Janet on several sales projects. She is a highly professional, ethical sales person, who has pays attention to detail. In my opinion, if it can be sold, Janet will sell it! The Tree of Knowledge are very lucky to have such a tenacious dedicated professional...Right Quote
1 1
Left QuoteI've been using one of Tim's eco kettles for a week or so now, and I truly can say everyone should have one! It's the fastest boiler I have ever had in my life, AND it really does boil enough for just one cup! So it saves time as well as water and electricity.. And you don't have to re-fill ever...Right Quote