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Jen Hinds
Always Oarsome

4N membership number: 35235

07801 827783
Location: Warrington


James Chisholm
Meschi Consultants
Left QuoteJames is AWESOME! Simples! He is a spectacular Area Leader for 4N, supporting 6 teams and growing 6 groups on top of running his own business. If he can do this for 4N, imagine what he can do for your business. It's an absolute pleasure working with him and I would recommend him 1000%!Right Quote
Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency
Left QuoteTodd is AWESOME! One of the few people in his field (marketing and social media shizzle) who actually walk the talk. Check out Todd's activity - you'll be left in no doubt as to how much he'll be able to help you get uber massive results from your marketing and social media. Can't recommend enough!Right Quote
Ann Bach
Left QuoteThanks to Ann for her help in getting me to focus on making one change that will help improve my performance both in and out of business. I am looking forward to reporting on my progress in 30 days!Right Quote
Sarah Short
The Coaching Revolut...
Left QuoteI have heard Sarah speak a few times now and I am always blown away by her enthusiasm and energy while delivering a powerful, entertaining and hugely valuable message. If you are in business and want more sales, you should speak to Sarah!Right Quote
Heather Phoenix
Left QuoteHaving heard Heather speak several times, I jumped at the chance of some 1:1 coaching with her. Her energy, passion, talent and incredible knowledge of all things voice and speaking (to name but two of her specialist areas!), is immense and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.Right Quote
Ann Bach
Left QuoteListening to Ann is always inspiring and educational. She provides genuine value and simple practical steps to implement to help us be more successful and focused. Thank you Ann for always motivating me to be better :-)Right Quote
Josh Peers
AMC Prestige Cars
Left QuoteJosh is an incredibly inspiring young man. He has achieved so much already in business and with his drive, talent and warm and infectious personality, I know that he is going to go a whole lot further. I recommend you get to know Josh - he's going to achieve big, HUGE things.Right Quote
Jo Howarth
The Happiness Club
Left QuoteJo provides so much value in 1:1s & 4Sights, that I recently booked a series of sessions with her. Jo immediately puts you at ease in a session and, using a range of techniques from mindfulness to hypnosis, could help with pretty much any issue that may be holding you back. Would totally recommend!Right Quote
Sue Lister
Tresil Web Solutions...
Left QuoteKnowing and working with Sue is a real pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise coupled with her professionalism and loveliness makes her my number one choice for outsourcing copy work that I get in from my clients. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Sue for all your help in so many projects!Right Quote
Chris Clarke
tHe GaMeCHnaGeR
Left QuoteChris combines infectious energy and enthusiasm with laser sharp focus which ensures that his clients get the absolute best results. In just one hour, he gave practical guidance and an indepth understanding of the inner workings of my brain! Time spent with Chris is invaluable to any business owner.Right Quote
Tanya Lloyd
Tanya Lloyd Photogra...
Left QuoteWow - what fantastic photos Tanya took of our event. She really brought the event to life and somehow made EVERYONE look amazing! Incredibly talented and creative, and a lovely lady to boot, I'd recommend Tanya to anyone wanting some really special photography. Thank you Tanya :-)Right Quote
Sam Pratt
Captive North LTD
Left QuoteWe recently used Sam and his team at Captive North to create a video as part of a client pitch. The creative input and incredibly fast turnaround was truly fantastic. I would recommend them without hesitation. And yep, Sam's 4Sight is brilliant too! Thank you guys!Right Quote
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