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Guy Johnson
Travel Counsellors

4N membership number: 42810

0203 582 6470
Location: Morden


Kim Wymer
Happy Days Coaching
Left QuoteKim is an amazing lady. Full of life affirming ideas, and a truly infectious enthusiasm. I have only recently starting working with her, but already, my outlook on life has changed, and my ability to think and act differently is remarkable. I would highly recommend anyone to use her servicesRight Quote
Marie Coles
Avocado Adventures
Left QuoteMarie has been an amazing Area and Regional Leader. Since I started with 4N a few months ago, she has been a constant source of good encouragement and advice. I wouldn't have taken up both Group and Area leader roles without her support...not only that, but she is friendly and easy to approach!Right Quote
Magic Friedman
Magic Friedman Life ...
Left QuoteThe session was light hearted, and it really helped me draw on some strong beliefs that I didn’t even know that I had. You have a natural and extremely calming voice that helps people feel at ease. Thanks again Magic ...maybe I didn’t believe your name before...I do now!!Right Quote