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Sarah Brown

4N membership number: 45065

01709 810080
Location: Sheffield


Sarah Batty
Something Better The...
Left QuoteI was stuck when I went to my session with Sarah, I just couldn't get my book publishing proposal finished even though it was really important to me. In one session she got me unstuck - the proof it works I've now submitted it. I'd really recommend a session if you want to get more done in any area.Right Quote
Nigel Winn
Left QuoteI went to IN n OUT having met Nigel and I was very impressed. They were very efficient, helpful, it was a great place to wait and work with a good coffee machine. They also seem to do amazing deals I'll definitely be backRight Quote
Will Baldry
Left QuoteAsked Will to provide some entertainment for our 25th anniversary of our business. He had our guests dumbfounded in his ability to read their minds.Right Quote
Ian Barker
Swinton Commercial
Left QuoteWhen we needed a quick response and a better deal on our insurance for our village hall, Ian was great, really helpful and saved us hundreds of pounds. He responded to a post on the forum and got it sorted, a real example of 4N in action and I'd really recommend him.Right Quote
Mark Facer
NeonThunder creative
Left QuoteMark is great to work with as a designer, responsive, listens and captures what you want. It has been really easy developing my 4N signature with him and I would unreservedly recommend himRight Quote
Treena Maun
Treena Maun - Person...
Bardney, Lincoln
Left QuoteWhen I was despairing that one of my cats would never let me touch them again, Treena gave me brilliant advice that immediately worked. If your animals need either physical or mental health care I'd totally recommend herRight Quote
Left QuoteIf you want a printer that will really add value then talk to Caroline. She really understands marketing and how to use printed material to achieve your business goals. If you give her a problem she and her staff always come up with great creative and practical solutions that work - use herRight Quote
Jon Rogers
Createinn Ltd
Left QuoteJon took my rough ideas and created a finished piece of artwork and went the extra mile to print it out for more impact, he was easy to work with, listened to feedback and did what he said he wouldRight Quote
Kath Doyle
Bawtry Travel
Left QuoteKath is the expert in creating memorable trips to celebrate important events in your life and also making business travel painless. She's got so much experience she's been most places so she advises from a knowledge you can't get from a websiteRight Quote
Darren Wood
Dobson & Hodge Ltd
Left QuoteDarren is a clear expert in auto enrollment and the multitude of regulations that apply to it. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs support in ensuring they meet their legal and ethical requirement for pension for their staffRight Quote
Liz Burton
Liz Burton Hypnother...
Left QuoteLiz is caring, skilled, and you feel totally safe when you work with her. Because she uses a range of techniques she can match to what you need and respond to best so you don't have to know before you go what technique you want, just tell her the issue and she'll make suggestions.Right Quote
Hannah Bailey
Wise Choice Nutrition
Left QuoteHannah provides great nutritional advice and support which can be incorporated into your life rather than be a passing diet. Working with her I feel fitter, am losing weight and generally feel less stressed about good and bad foodsRight Quote
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