Member Testimonials Given

Andrew Mogford
Kandy Solutions Ltd

4N membership number: 50196

Location: Tiverton


Bill Burden
Straight Forward Suc...
Left QuoteI have joined the business growth programme, having met Bill & heard his 4Sight I chose him as my coach. This was one of my better decisions. His program is structured & effective & I have learned so much practical information about all areas of running a business successfully. Highly recommended!Right Quote
Adrian Richfield
Egg Business Develop...
Left QuoteAdrian has been coaching me for a few months. His clear thinking and calm reassuring approach has really helped during a difficult change phase for our business.Right Quote
David Grimshaw
Exe Mortgages
Left QuoteRunning my own company, I was nervous about applying for a mortgage because I had heard horror stories of the hoops small business owners are made to jump through to get one. David made the process smooth easy and quick and gave great advice along the way. I highly recommend David.Right Quote
Dominique Bailhache
The Passionate PA
Left QuoteDominique has been brilliant for Kandy Solutions. She has taken on a wide variety of tasks with efficiency and enthusiasm. I have full confidence in her work whatever she does. A pleasure to work with she sets the benchmark for freelance PAs.Right Quote
Mandy Swift
CTC - Marketing
Left QuoteWorked with Mandy on the content of the revamped Kandy Solutions Website. Her enthusiasm and ideas were very welcome. Mandy is also the regional leader for Devon and Cornwall, and through her warmth and energy have contributed a lot to the area.Right Quote
Paul Brown
Concept Card
Left QuoteI have visited Paul's impressive factory in Crediton producing ID cards and similar for many organisations. He has also produced beautiful plastic business cards for me and many others in our area. A great guy to deal with. We also worked together on a loyalty card software systemRight Quote
Sue Searle
Women Mean Business
Left QuoteSue has helped me build my skills in business both through her online course, and through personal coaching. She is remarkably perceptive and has offered a wealth of good guidance. I saw the benefits from the very first session.Right Quote
Richard Williams
Spice Graphics
Left QuoteRichard got involved in creating marketing materials for Kandy Solutions, for our housing repairs management system. He did stunning job, delivering way beyond my expectations.Right Quote
Carole Collins
Denman Collins Consu...
Left QuoteCarole worked with Kandy Solutions to create a manual for one of our bespoke software applications. She did a great job in understanding the system, and produced a beautiful easy to follow manual. I can highly recommend Carole.Right Quote
Wendy Smith
Tall Horse Accounts ...
Left QuoteWendy has just taken over the accounts for Kandy Solutions, and I have been very impressed with how efficient she is. She has already saved me money with her advice, and having her looking after the bookkeeping too is a weight off my shoulders. Highly recommendedRight Quote
Brian Duffy
ZestTech Limited
Left QuoteMet Bryan through forum, he introduced me to a client of his, and then worked with me through to winning a nice order. A very nice guy, excellent communicator who knows his stuff. I look forward to working with him on this and other projects.Right Quote
Sam Millard
Greengages Payroll
Left QuoteSam has just started doing my payroll and has been very efficient. Having run my own payroll in the past I am very grateful to have this chore off my shoulders.Right Quote
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