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Stephen Rhodes (Bullet Point Media Ltd)
01525 222938

Location: Eaton Bray
Member No: 54604
Left QuoteWe make videos with the sole purpose of making YOU money!Right Quote
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5th May 2012
Ken Attwell
Left QuoteWhen it comes to Marketing ideas and sheer enthusiasim it would be difficult to beat Ken's exoertise and energy. Working with Ken has helped me get a much better perspective on my business and once again, with his help, I am driving the business forward.Thanks Ken.
Right Quote
11th Nov 2011
James Blair
Left QuoteYou learn a lot about people when you work with them in the studio. James is a man who knows his stuff. James, once I've built the business up..I'll be back in touch..Your skills will be playing a role in my 'exit strategy'! Great working with you.Right Quote
11th Nov 2011
Michael Gordon
Left QuoteWorking in my studio with Michael this week...This man is the consumate professional..and a bit of a star in front of the camera. My next client then started telling me how Michaels Magnetic Bballs had helped his wife. Popular man with a great product. Great working with you Michael.Right Quote
20th Oct 2011
Heather Salter
Left QuoteJust been making a video with Heather..It has been a great pleasure working with you. A lady who knows her stuff!! Thank you Heather..Right Quote
20th Oct 2011
Tom Lennie
Left QuoteJust been making a Video with Tom..using a selection of his images..and they are Stunning..each and everyone. Go check him out. Great working with you Tom. Man's a star!! :)Right Quote
8th Jul 2011
Maree Atkinson
Left QuoteI have to say that Maree has helped my business no end and continues to do so through my joining the FSB. She is such a lovely lady and knows the FSB inside out and all it's benefits..from my Terms & Conditions, legal advice to the pain in my back..anything you don't cover with membership?Right Quote
8th Jul 2011
Pam Charman
Left QuoteWorking with Pam is always a calm and self assured....and is one of those people who is very good at everything she does. Thanks Pam.Right Quote
8th Jul 2011
Peter Green
Left QuoteWorking with this man..he is brilliant at connecting with his audience and a great communicator. A pleasure to work with.Right Quote
17th Jun 2011
Jeremy Stables
Left QuoteI was keen to make Videos that work as a 'Marketing Tool'..working with Jeremy to make one using 'Mad Science' has been terrific. It's a great concept and brilliant fun for the kids...thanks for the opportunity Jeremy.Right Quote
7th Jun 2011
Damian Cummins
Left QuoteAn ideas man with all the right connections..and good company as well.. Could this man be..THE ULTIMATE CONNECTION?
Great doing business with you..and I think we'll be doing an awful lot more :)
Right Quote
7th Jun 2011
Andy Raybould
Left QuoteThe man is a mine of (Computer) information and a pleasure to work with in video production.
Thanks Andy.Right Quote
7th Jun 2011
Holly Mitchell
Left QuoteWoking with Holly now on a couple of occasions..not only does she have a presence in the room at 4N..but she also has great presence on screen..the consummate professional.Thanks Holly, look forward to working with you again.
Right Quote
7th Jun 2011
Sean Davern
Left QuoteA pleasure to do business with. Working with Sean on ways to develop Video as a productive marketing and exciting. The way forward !
Thanks Sean.Right Quote
7th Jun 2011
Nicola Cameron
Left QuoteI told you, you were a star..and I meant it.
the consummate professional.A pleasure to work with. As for the quality of the will, I'll tell you when I'm dead.Right Quote
4th Jun 2011
Andrew Logan
Left QuoteRecently filming some testimonials for Andrew with his very happy customers..was so impressed by their words of praise for him..when my accountant of 28 years decides he's had enough of me, I will be calling you Andrew. Also, you are a great man to do business with. Many thanks.Right Quote
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