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Adam Stevens
Intelligent Eating

4N membership number: 56539

07751 074 808
Location: Walton-on-Thames


Beth Windsor
Elisabeth Windsor Vi...
Left QuoteA real problem solver, getting to the root cause of a situation and sorting it in a sensible and, where applicable sensitive manner.Right Quote
Beth Windsor
Elisabeth Windsor Vi...
Left QuoteBeth is an exceptional 'virtual assistant'; to be honest, I didn't really even know what a virtual assistant was, but people repeatedly told me I needed one. Over a working lunch, Beth, identified huge holes in my follow up process, and how much money I was losing - at that point, I saw the value!Right Quote
Carl Ford
Honey Bee Accountancy
Left QuoteHelped me with a corp tax return in 5 minutes, when no one else could! Amazing stuff - massively recommended!Right Quote
Croz Crossley
Staines upon Thames
Left QuoteProvides extremely good, and inspirational input to the forum!Right Quote
Andrea Basilio
Certified LOA Facili...
Left QuoteA very kind and intelligent human, without the typical connotations of 'business people'. People like this are rare and deserve every success they desire in life.Right Quote
Paul OrangeTree
OrangeTree Online
Left QuoteSensible and rational outspoken opinion, based on fact. Without people like Paul, the forum wouldn't be worth a look in.Right Quote
Brad Burton
Left QuoteHelpful. Knows people beyond this network.Right Quote
Peter Messervy
Opus Magnum ActionCO...
Left QuoteExcellent 4sight, and I've seen a lot of 4sights - this could be charged at an order of magnitude higher and be considered excellent value for money.Right Quote
John Gower
Omni Local
Kingston upon Thames
Left QuoteHas genuine likeability - this is rare, top bloke.Right Quote
Martin Gaunt
The Computer Technic...
Left QuoteMartin provided me with a laptop as i needed a windows machine to use sage and it's great - works perfectly! super easy buying process too and good instructions - whereas vs buying off ebay or similar you don't get this.Right Quote
Jen Whitehead
Pure Photographics N...
Left QuoteMARRY ME. Jen is awesome on so many levels. :o)Right Quote
Gavin Wadeson
Race Night Supplies
St. Helens
Left QuoteI've seen a shitload of bad 4sights, in fact it was one of my reasons for getting stuck in and doin em myself, couldn't listen to anymore 10 tax tips, why you need a will or any guff. yours is the first 4sight I've genuinely listened to and loved - and i mean that, and I'm a critic and then some!Right Quote
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