Member Testimonials Given

Richard Ambrose
Ambrose Designs

4N membership number: 62485

0203 605 1282
Location: London


Kim Rix
Kim Rix Photography
Left QuoteKim produced the professional head shot I needed, for a poster campaign. Now I use it everywhere! Very patient. Kim put me at ease and gave excellent advice, so we got the shot we were both happy with. Highly recommend.Right Quote
Anita Reynolds
The Self Storage Com...
Waltham Abbey
Left QuoteAnita was in charge of Marketing for my entire time when I was Group Leader at 4N Waltham Abbey. Starting with a mediocre sized group, it become the most popular 4N group in the region. After we left, the group soon closed. Nuff said.Right Quote
Robert Keating
Lead Generation Webs...
Left QuoteRob brought me in on a project that, due to it's complexity, had lost momentum. Luckily, Rob's a very personable character & we were able to work methodically through each issue, overcoming each design, usability & technical challenge to deliver a project that the client was fully satisfied with.Right Quote
Richard Houldsworth
Left QuoteRichard brought me in as a collaborator where a completely bespoke website solution was required. I found him to be very easy to work with and a clear communicator. We are now looking to do more projects together in the future.Right Quote
Julia Bell
Sirens Driving Academy
Left QuoteWorking with GL Nick since launch, Julia's been responsible for all Operations & Marketing activities at 4N East Herts over the past year. She also regularly helps the other 4N groups. Not only has East Herts survived, through Julia's efforts, it's now established as the most popular in the area.Right Quote
Tony Field
M-Viron Royston
Left QuoteTony analysed my usage to find the right package. As a web developer, I also needed Tony to source a phone that would be one of the top 3 market leaders for the next year+, for testing purposes. Once agreed, the phone was delivered & working within a few days. Tony couldn't have been more helpful.Right Quote
Colin Nobes
Terrific Value Offic...
Left QuoteI get all my stationery through Colin now. It's the easiest way to start investing in the 4N economy. It saves you money on products you are going to buy anyway and it's delivered to your door with a smile. Anyone local not doing this, I want to know why !Right Quote
Steve Greenwood
St. Albans
Left QuoteMy client was unable to access his email via MS Outlook and the host was not responding to his requests for help. I contacted Steve and by the end of the same afternoon my client had access to his email again. Thoroughly recommend.Right Quote
Bradley Davis
WhiteLight Design As...
Left QuoteI have worked with Bradley on a number of joint projects now, building the web-based functionality for his graphic designs. Bradley's skilled use of colour, type and layout produces confident designs with clarity which, whilst essential for the web, is often rare to find. Top class.Right Quote