Member Testimonials Given

Michael Nagles
4Networking Ltd

4N membership number: 85441

0345 123 4444
Location: Taunton


Left QuoteI recently took a couple of iOS problems to Robert. He quickly found a solution that was simple, clear, and concise. If you have Mac / iOS issues, start with Robert.Right Quote
Tilly Vesely
Lake View Osteopathy...
Left QuoteWhat a pro! I struggled with a bout of Tendinitis for weeks on the NHS before I asked Tilly to take a look. An exam, some advice, and the problem was solved. Truly professional and caring. Highly recommended!Right Quote
Tony Field
M-Viron Royston
Left QuoteI recently setup a new landline phone through Tony, and I am very pleased. The equipment arrived within 48 hours, and I was also pleased to get a phone call from support to walk me through the configuration. It works wonderfully. Everything I expected from Tony and more!Right Quote
Gemma Preston
Left QuoteI started using NoMissedCalls straight after Gemma joined 4N. Fantastic response from my customers, who now get to talk to a human 24/7. I have a large customer base in the US, and having NMC makes sure they no longer get a voice-mail box due to the time difference. Highly recommended!Right Quote
Gareth Gillman
Gareth Gillman Websi...
Left QuoteI recently asked Gareth to do some WordPress work on behalf of a client, and could not be more impressed with what he has done. Gareth has become my go-to source for any client needing corrective work on a WordPress based site. Fantastic attitude and work ethic on everything. Highly recommended!Right Quote
Sean Blessitt
Astradyne Limited
Left QuoteI have just gotten some support from Sean on a problem that has plagued me for some time. This issue was on an Excel macro, but he has also helped with a bothersome formula in the past. His solutions are always fast, spot on the first time. Highly recommended!Right Quote
Paul Ryan
Improve On You
Left QuoteI recently hired Paul to create a promotional video for me. The work was so exceptional that I have already hired him to do two more. His creativity and willingness to help me craft the perfect message make him easy to endorse. Paul's work has become a big part of our marketing!Right Quote
Julia Bell
Sirens Driving Academy
Left QuoteI called on Julia for help with some drivers training for a unique situation. Her team rose to the task, and provided everything needed, from hands on training to suggestions for insurance vendors to meet the unique situation. Highly recommended!Right Quote
John Kettley
The Sales Masters Gu...
Left QuoteEvery small business owner needs an outside force to hold them accountable and provide independent, unbridled mentoring. For that, I highly recommend John Kettley. I expect that my first session with John will not be my last. 3 months later and he is still following up and keeping me focused!Right Quote