What a journey.

Every business has highs and lows, particularly in its first 10 years, and 4N is no exception.See our journey below - you may recognise this rollercoaster ride in your own business.

Now, in 2016, we're a bit older, a lot wiser and certainly stronger. We're still here, making business easier for you, so stay with us for the next part of the journey. See the #4NIS10 infographic below, download it or pick up your placemat copy at any 4N meeting.

The 10-year 4N story in 2 minutes

10th birthday BIG announcement

"Today is a big moment for 4N and so after 10 years I'm standing down as MD and handling over the role to Jason Dutton.

The last 10 years have been amazing and I'll still be around as Founder, but now is the right time for Jason to take over as MD. With his strategic skills, he'll guide 4N safely through the NEXT 10 years.

See and hear the FULL STORY in the latest episode of 4NTV including our entertaining 2-min summary of our 10 year journey.Or come along to our road-trip meetings this week where I'll be 4Sighting and Jason will be there too."

Brad Burton
4N MD Founder