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Bill Dootson

Utilitrack Ltd

Left QuoteJust 70 days to go and of course I will be rejoining. Lots of referrals both ways have resulted in business and income. It is not just the business but the meeting of new friends. I have done 2 4sights Antique Powder Compacts and Our Swellendam Children,we help 35 of them who live in a shanty town.Right Quote
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Susi Ibelati

Minding the Gap

Left QuoteIn all my years of on the 'networking scene'...and no, I'm not going to divulge just how many..4N has proved, more than any other, to offer a source of support and advice from fellow members. Networking isn't about 'sell, sell, sell'. It's about building long-term business relationships. Right Quote
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Kerry Anne Orr

The Systems Coach

Left QuoteMy business has tripled since I first started 4Networking. If I'm looking for a supplier to my business or even business advice, I look no further than 4N. To me, 4N not only helps to put my business on the map, it also provides me with my very own 'virtual head office'!Right Quote
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Lesley Dixon


Left QuoteAfter 9 months with 4N I am delighted to say how great I think it is. I have met four new clients and have been asked to do work in the new year by other 4N members. Great breakfasts, lovely people, fantasic for business. Right Quote
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John Tipping

UVShield Window Film

Left QuoteI joined 4N about 3 months ago now and it is really working for me. I am now working with other like minded businesses in the Energy Saving industry which really helps my brand. I remember the saying. (Together we are Stronger) that is really true in 4N.Right Quote
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Debs Burrow

Artist and tutor

Left Quote4N works for me and therefore my business. At first I was sceptical as I am an artist(a rarity in 4N)and couldn't quite see how it could possibly work for me. It didn't take long to realise that 4N wasn't about business, but about people. I've been surprised in 1-1's with amazing opportunities. Right Quote
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Heather Stewart

Supply Point Ltd

Left QuoteWe have just gone over our figures for the last 10 months and have found that 75% of our business, so far, has been from 4N members. 4N clearly works amazingly well, I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
If you put the hard work in, you will get it back :-)
Right Quote
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Allan Blair Bea...

Left QuoteIn the short space of 12 months, I became one of the most well-known (good or bad) networkers in South Wales. The support that 4N members showed me then, is the cornerstone of how I treat others in business today. Right Quote
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James Crisp

Crisp Design

Left QuoteI joined 4N in January and one of the bits I have enjoyed most is having my extended team and friends around me at every meeting. I meet great people all the time and it gives me the opportunity to get feedback when I try new things. Oh and I've got business from it too... Bonus! #Love4Right Quote
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Steve the Barma...

Thirst First Mobile Co...

Left QuoteWhere do I start?! So much to say! First & foremost, its changed ME! Its given me confidence to ask for meetings in the real world. Its turned me into a proper Business person, instead of just a Barman. I'm constantly surrounded by people with enthusiasm, who are willing to help. Its just brilliant.Right Quote
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Michelle Hodgso...

Key Words

Left QuoteJoining 4N - and reading Brad's GOYA - have been a great help to my copywriting and events business. I've made some excellent new contacts and friends, and brought in new business. I recently did my first 4Sight, which was really well received so hopefully I'll be taking it on the road soonRight Quote
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Linda Underhill

Stellar HR Services & ...

Left QuoteI joined 4N in January; eaten 6 breakfasts; 4 different venues; visiting 3 new venues over the next couple of weeks.

I've met some fantastic people; established some good contacts and the advice I have received has been great. I know both I and my business will benefit from my membership. Thanks!Right Quote
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John Tipping

UVShield Window Film

Left Quote4N networking has worked well for me. After 4 weeks of joining I am already back into networking in Kent. The passport has helped to make good contacts in the Manchester area where I am quite often working.Right Quote
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Fraser Ramsay

Edinburgh Dusters

Left QuoteHI all, I joined 4N and am so far happy, as picked up 2 new clients already and hopefully more. Look forward to meeting new folk in the Edinburgh area to offer my services to you. many thanks 4N Right Quote
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Mark Currie

Catapult Films

Left Quote4N has been great for me since joining in November 2010.

Creating and retaining a business presence across two counties isn't easy, but 4N has helped me keep in touch with my existing Yorkshire contacts, as well as helping me meet new ones in the north-west.

Brilliant!Right Quote
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Helen Villiers


Left QuoteWhen I joined 4N I was running a cupcake company. I got injured and couldn't cope with the work anymore. I went to a MIHM, where I got voted the Social Media expert, & started my business that day! I'm now the Facebook page manager for 4N, now business is soaring but I've got the best friends ever!Right Quote
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Pamela Case

The PC Support Group

Left QuoteWithin a couple of weeks of attending my local 4N I had three new clients and I've been able to pass referrals, help people make good contacts and get some public speaking opportunities for fellow members. What else? Well, the meetings are friendly, fun and relaxed. I've even gained valuable help!Right Quote
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Steve Evans


Melton Mowbray
Left QuoteI have been out of contact with 4Networking for 3 months, due to change of job. I am now back and feel it is the right place to be. I can promote my business and gain friends at the same time.Right Quote
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Graham Jennings

GDJ Photography

Left QuoteI joined 4N in August 2014 after attending a few breakfast meetings. I loved the atmosphere and wasn't worried whether I got work from it, or not.
Since then I have become MC at Bridgwater, and now GL. There has been a trickle of work, but the friendships I have with other members are priceless.Right Quote
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Tony Croft

The ABS Group Ltd

Left QuoteI was totally terrified about the concept of 'networking' but, having joined just 3 days ago, I can honestly say I have received more benefit from my first two 4N meetings than many years of the more traditional approach.Right Quote
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