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Jon Hilton

Pulse Rate Training Li...

Left QuoteHaving left the forces after being injured during a 14 year stint, i set my company up. The outside world was tough to crack and business was scary until i found 4N and now I and my business have grown in stature. And i have met a great bunch of friends and colleagues, Thanks All.Right Quote
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Penny Haywood C...


Left QuoteI joined because I liked the meeting buzz.
I stay because I like the people.
Oh... did someone mention business....? I have met more useful business contacts and had more leads in one month of 4N than I had in a year's worth of 3 other networking clubs in Edinburgh - and they're not bad either!Right Quote
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Barry Jackson


Left QuoteTwo comments after 6 months as a 4 Networker:
1/ Without exception, the people I meet as a passporter are not only friendly but people of great integrity and pleasure to give business too.Right Quote
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Nicola Anthony

Foxheys Secretarial Se...

Left Quote4N is probably the best networking in the world! You go and meet people who become not only clients, but friends who want to support you in your business, give advice and help. You walk not into a room full of strangers, but into a room full of like minded business people striving to succeed. Right Quote
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Rachel Kerr

Welcome Words

Left QuoteBig smile. Four months into membership and I am mid-way through my first piece of work as a direct result of 4N. I'm in profit - even with all those £12 breakfasts! - and have just quoted for two more jobs. Money aside, I've also met some great people who have helped me in other ways. Right Quote
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- -


Left QuoteI've been an area leader for a little while now and I'm amazed at all the support, advice and help I get to enable me to succeed and in so doing make my groups and members successful. In addition to all that fabulousness, the increase in business has been phenomenal. Right Quote
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Tracey Allen

Rattytatty Designs (Ev...

Left Quote4Networking has helped my 5 month old company get a profile of a much older company, its enabled me to have a support network of hundreds of businesses to ask about any business issues.Its given me loads of free business hints and tips, great inbound links to my site. 300 characters is not enough
Right Quote
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Nas Khilji

Wida Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes
Left Quote4Networking is an effective low cost marketing method for developing sales opportunities and contacts, based on introductions and three 1-2-1 meetings each time in an interesting gatherings, 4Networking website is also a very useful social and business networking source!Right Quote
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Kerstin Meeson-...

Tyrrell & Company

Left QuoteSince joining 4N my network of professional alliances has increased dramatically. This has allowed me to offer my clients a greater choice of expertise.Right Quote
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Josie Herbert

Phiness PR

Left QuoteAt my very first 4N meeting, my 40 second intro was followed by a direct competitor. Five months later he hired me for a project which repaid my passport membership fee several times over. That enabled me to give business to other 4N members. Selling to and through the room really works.Right Quote
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Andy Kenyon

Andy Kenyon

Left QuoteI have been a member of 4Networking for 5 weeks now and i am pleased to say that in my first week i was able to do some business through Silver Concierge, Thank's Louise. It has also been great to work with Fine Print from Hazel Grove who are now supplying us with our stationary. Right Quote
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Peter Cruikshan...

Outside In Management ...

Left Quote4N has helped me - I met Nick Hill of Binary Vision a year ago. We got to know each other - saw the potential of putting our skills and experience together. Last week we ran our 1st workshop - Strategic Visual Thinking. It went very well and more workshops are being planned. Thanks 4N and Nick.Right Quote
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Wendy Inglis Hu...


Left QuoteI joined 4N a couple of months ago and had new business leads very quickly. But what I really love about 4N is the people: all those different perspectives and time away from my desk leave me energised and I can think more creatively about where my business is going.Right Quote
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Denise McCallum

Detective Denise

Left Quote4Networking has changed my life and I really feel like I am part of the family.
I'm now running a business I adore and have rediscovered my mojo. It's the people here that make the magic happen and I'm grateful to every one of them. Thank you x Right Quote
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Carmen Gray

Heath Marketing Limite...

Left QuoteYou get out of life what you put in. And it's the same with 4N. I've been a member for 18 months, attend my local groups pretty regularly and my business size has just about doubled.
Right Quote
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Robin Dobson

R.P. Safety Services (...

Left QuoteWigan North - small group this morning, but as they say size does not matter it's what you do with it that is important.
We must have done something right it was a quality meeting with a great foresight from Bill Dove of metrostress ltd - I must stress that I am now chilled out man!Right Quote
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Denis Thurley

RED Virtual Office

Left QuoteCOMMUNITY is the word! We've made friends and business associations on 4N. We've had online testimonials and a video testimonial. And picked up loads of new clients who love the value our service brings to their business. It's a Win, Win, Win to be in, in, in, 4NETWORKING !!Right Quote
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Sheena Whyatt

Lightning Training Lim...

Left QuoteI went to pitch for a HUGE contract yesterday, armed with the banner I use at 4N, my promotional pens & my business cards, all provided by 4N members. The client was blown away. Without the support from 4N, I wouldn't have had such a professional image. Contract won. 4N Rocks!Right Quote
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Adam Saunders

Neetrix Ltd

Left QuoteYou could say I've completely fallen for 4N like so many others. The reason is simple. I've made a ton of new friends, and 4N has really helped out with launching my newest business venture. Neither myself or the business would have been the same if it wasn't for 4N.Right Quote
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Joanna Ellis

NLP Trainer and Motiva...

Left Quote4N has completely upgraded my business. Going to 4N each week keeps me on top of my game and I've met great people - new clients, suppliers & the other coaches to collaborate with. And, through direct referrals from 4N, I turned over as much in 1 month as I made in 6 months last year. Thank you 4N!Right Quote
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