#4NTVLive Running Order and How to Get Involved

18 Jun 2019

#4NTVLive Running Order and How to Get Involved

What is 4NTV Live?

#4NTVLive is a Facebook Live stream every Saturday morning from 08:30-09.00 in the 4Networking Community Group. Below are the upcoming episodes for 2019, we're already booked up until the end of April!

#4NTVLive is your chance to get in front of 1000s of people and tell them your story.

Here’s how a #4NTVLive meeting runs:

  • An online meeting starts live at 8:30am every Saturday.
  • Each broadcaster has a brief script to read, keeping it in line with 4Networking.
  • The broadcaster introduces the 40-words round (think 40 seconds, but typed) just like a normal meeting. Viewers type their 40-word introductions into the comments box.
  • The broadcaster has a small amount of time to read out the best comments. These comments stay on broadcast on replay, so it’s a great opportunity to gain more reach in the network, and of course, links to your websites and blogs are fine and encouraged.
  • Then you see an 18 minute 4Sight. The 4Sight is exactly the same as any other 4Sight in a 4Networking meeting except it is live on Facebook ...and you’ll have to make your own tea! As with any 4Sight, sales pitches are not allowed - just great stories and value like you would get in any other 4Networking meeting.
  • Anyone can view these special Live meetings as long as they’re in the Facebook group (including non-members).
  • The broadcaster MUST be a Passport member at the time of broadcasting.
  • The #4NTVLive broadcasts finish at 9am. Just like any other 4Networking meeting, it's important to finish on time.
  • All broadcasters are contacted prior to their slot and given the script, as well as some tips and instructions for running a Live broadcast in the group. 

It's another opportunity to raise your profile

#4NTV Live is a great opportunity to raise your profile in the network and gain some Live video practice or add to your Live broadcast back catalogue. Each broadcast becomes a Facebook post right after they stop streaming so anyone can catch up with the meeting at any time. You can also share them out on your social media or embed them in your blog or on sites like LinkedIn.

Please contact your Regional or Area Leader to have your name put forward as a broadcaster.

Coming up on #4NTVLive

  • July 20th - Mak Mulenga - What Hip Hop Can Teach You About Writing. Mak is a fan of hip hop especially pre-recession stuff with all the battles. Hear how that can help you write powerful content.
  • July 27th - Fidel Beauhill - The Five Languages of Love - How we prefer to show and receive love has an impact on all of our relationships. Business and personal.
  • August 3rd - Michaela Wade - Till Death Us Do Part- A birdseye view on relationships.
  • August 10th - Marc Shuttle - Death to Videographers - How to stop the video industry from destroying your business.
  • August 17th - Victoria Brittain - To Sweden and Beyond over Breakfast - How to create the perfect referral strategy for your business.
  • August 24th - Vanessa Wallace From Suburbia to the Welsh Hills to Prison to the Business of my Dreams - A life story with a message of hope, persistence and spiritual awakening. Find and follow your dreams and believe in yourself.
  • August 31st - Helen Leathers - Achieving Success in Your Sleep - Quickly being proven to be the No 1 key to a successful, more productive, balanced & healthy life. Is it time to take sleep more seriously?
  • Sept 7th - 
  • Sept 14th: Martin Byrne - What Do I Get? Martin’s ‘First 6 months of 4N strategy’ that will help you get it, and get heaps from it!
  • Sept 21st: Dave Bird From Fish to Films - The lessons I’ve learned during my professional life which we can apply when running our businesses.

Over the last 3 years, 4NTV Live has proven to be very popular, so get involved!